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Q: If you have a shutout in regulation time but let in the overtime goal do you still get a shutout?
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What is a goal scored in overtime?

According to FIFA rules, a goal scored in extra time is no different than a goal scored in regulation. The word you are probably looking for is "golden goal," in which extra time ends at the scoring of the goal. This is a rule modification that many leagues implement but is not sanctioned by FIFA.

What do you call a goal scored in overtime of a soccer match?

It is merely "a goal."

How high is the goal in regulation basketball?

The top of the regulation goal is 10 feet above and perpendicular to the floor.

A goal scored in overtime?

A goal scored in overtime is called a golden goal. The game ends when a golden goal is scored. The rule ceased to apply to most FIFA authorized football games in 2004.

What is a goal scored in overtime called?

It can be called a Golden Goal, depending on the rules. It can also be called the game winner if the rules are to play the whole overtime.

Measurement of regulation soccer goal?

The regulation size of a soccer goal is 8 ft high by 24 ft wide.

What is a golden goal in hockey?

There is none, but I understand what you're asking. It's a goal scored in overtime.

In soccer what is the golden goal?

The Golden Goal refers to the overtime period in which the next goal wins, therefore it is looked at as golden.

Has there ever been an NFL or college football game where the final score was 0 0?

No there has not at the end of regulation the game will go into overtime until one team scores a touchdown or field goal. the overtime rules are -15mins -touchdown on 1st possession the team that scored the touchdown wins -field goal on 1st possession the opposing team has a chance to score a field goal if the opposing team scores a touchdown they win -field goal on 2nd possession the team that scored the field goal wins

How are overtime points awarded in professional hockey?

If the teams are tied after 3 periods (regulation time), the game goes to a 5-minute sudden-death overtime period. If they are still tied, a shootout is held, with 3 shooters per team. Once a team has more goals in the shootout, they are awarded one goal for the final result. The winning team gets 2 points, counted as a regular win. A team losing in overtime gets 1 point, counted in the Overtime Loss column. Some papers still list Overtime Losses and Shootout Losses separately, but they're both worth 1 point, and the NHL makes no such distinction.

How tall is a regulation abut soccer goal?

A soccer goal is 8 feet high.

Who scored the quickest overtime goal in Stanley Cup Finals History?

Brian Skrudland of the Montreal Canadiens scored the quickest overtime goal in the history of the Stanley Cup Finals when he scored on a 2-on-1 breakaway just 9 seconds into overtime in Game 2 of the 1986 series to beat the Calgary Flames 3-2. An NHL record that still stands tall today.

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