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He scored it at 12:20 OT.

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Q: How long into overtime did Crosby score his golden goal?
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What time in the game did Sidney Crosby score the winning Olympic goal?

Overtime vs the USA

In soccer what is the golden goal?

The Golden Goal refers to the overtime period in which the next goal wins, therefore it is looked at as golden.

A goal scored in overtime?

A goal scored in overtime is called a golden goal. The game ends when a golden goal is scored. The rule ceased to apply to most FIFA authorized football games in 2004.

Who was the first player to score in a golden goal to get into the premier league?

To my knowledge, there is no golden goal overtime supported by the current Laws of the Game. Unless FIFA has changed the laws or the Premier League plays with modified FIFA rules, it has never happened.

What is a golden goal in hockey?

There is none, but I understand what you're asking. It's a goal scored in overtime.

Where did Sidney Crosby score his first goal ever?

october 8 2005 Crosby scored his first NHL goal against the Boston Bruins.

What is a goal scored in overtime called?

It can be called a Golden Goal, depending on the rules. It can also be called the game winner if the rules are to play the whole overtime.

What is a goal scored in over time?

A goal scored in extra time (overtime) is a goal, and counts toward the final score just the same as a goal scored in regular time. Some competitions make use of the "golden goal", a sudden-death scoring method to quickly determine a winner, but this method is not approved by FIFA.

When did sydney Crosby score the winning goal in winter games 2010?

During the winter games in 2010.

What is Jarome Iginla most famous for?

Jarome Iginla is a Canadian born hockey player. He was always an outstanding player in the National Hockey League but is probably best known for passing the puck to Sidney Crosby at the Olympics, which allowed Crosby to score the winning goal in overtime against the US and win the gold medal.

What was the time of Crosby's winning goal?

Im guessing your talking about 2010 olympic game right? But it was 7 minutes 40 seconds into overtime

Which team won a gold medal for men's ice hockey for 2010?

Canada won the Gold medal hockey game against the USA with a goal in overtime by Sidney Crosby to make the score 3-2. This gave the USA the Silver medal

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