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Yes, if you are the batter.

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2011-07-17 00:53:09
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Q: If you get hit with a pitch in fast pitch softball do you get a free base?
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What are the violation of softball?

Some of the violations in softball is when pitch the ball your back foot has to stay on the ground. If a batter gets hit by a ball its called a dead ball and they get a free base. If a batter hits the catcher with the bat then the player gets a free base because they call that interference. Some umpires dont alow the catcher to talk to the batter either. If u have any more questions just ask.

What does bb mean in softball?

Base on balls or free walk to first base due to 4 balls given by the pitcher. It's a symbol used when scoring.

How would you go about getting free equipment from majors softball suppliers?

One needs to ask for sponsorship to be able to ask for free equipment from major softball suppliers. One can also offer an x-deal to get free equipment.

Why does the batter get a free pass to first base after ball hits his hand on an attempted bunt?

It's still considered a hit-by-pitch.

How do you create a softball bracket for a company softball tournament?

There are website online that you can use to create the simplest to the most involved brackets for free. is an example.

Can a batter advance to second base on a walk when the pitch was not wild before the pitch to the next batter?

yes, the ball is not dead on a walk, the batter is free to try to advance to second and risk being put out

When a batter gets hit by a pitch is it an automatic dead ball?

Yes, it is a dead ball and the batter gets a free base (He/she gets to go to 1st)

How many balls does it take to get a free base in baseball?

it takes 4 balls. but if your on base 2 other ways is if your on base someone can get 4 balls and you get another free base or if your on base you can get a free base by a bulk

How many injuries are there in softball?

In softball there is a change-up, fastball, drop-ball, rise-ball, and screwball. Other variations can them stem from these basic pitches. Such as an off speed curve-ball, or the even nastier back door off speed curve ball. It is beneficial if pitches have a pitch they can throw very well if they are looking to being recruited of being a top-notch player.

If a batter gets hit by a pitch ball can the batter decline to go to 1st and continue his at bat?

Unless you are talking about professional baseball, yes the batter can decline to take the issued walk. Only in minor leagues such as competitive fastpitch softball can you reject this. However, it rarely happens because the batter sometimes would rather get the free base than ground out, pop out, or strike out!

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