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if someone did it on purpose yes . If it was an accident no

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Q: If you get hit in the face with a ball in soccer is it a penalty?
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Is it a penalty if the soccer call hit your arm unintentionally?

i mean soccer ball

Is a soccer ball dangerous?

a soccer ball isn't dangerous only if u don't get hit in the face

If you lose a golf ball Then take a penalty and hit another ball you then find the lost ball do you take the penalty or hit the lost ball?

Once you have taken the penalty and hit the new ball, you may not hit the old ball again. Play on with the penalty and the new ball.

What to do when you get hit in the face with a soccer ball really hard?

it depends on how bad the injury is.

What should you do if a soccer ball is coming directly at your face?

There are three options when a soccer ball is coming directly at your face. You can use your head to try to play the ball to a teammate, you can duck or bob out of the way, or you can let it hit your face.

Is a helmet hit below the knee a penalty hit?

it is not a penalty if the person you hit is the ball carrier. but it is however a penalty if the hit a lineman or any other non ball carrier.

What is the penalty in dodge ball if you get hit in the head with a ball?

theres no penalty, you just look stupid

Are you allowed to hit your opponents ball while putting in match play without penalty?

Only if you were off the green when your ball hit your opponents ball. If you were on the green and you hit their ball then in matchplay the penalty is loss of the hole.

How do you stop being hyper?

Make someone slap you in the face or get hit by a soccer ball directly in the face...(I DONT KNOW) this will mite h3lp

If your ball strikes your club face in mid air after your original stroke do you incur a penalty?

When you hit the ball twice in one stroke, you must add a penalty stoke. Which makes that original stroke become two.

If you hit your bag with your club on a golf swing is there a penalty?

No, no penalty. Just watch out. It is a one shot penalty if you hit the bag or equipment with your ball.

What is the penalty for being hit by your own ball while in a hazard?

2 shot penalty

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