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if you are fouled in the act of shooting beyond the 3 point mark, you will be given 3 free throw shots unless the ball gets in then you will only be given a free throw shot as a bonus.

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Q: If you get fouled shooting a 3 pointer how many foul shots do you get?
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What is foul shot?

A foul shot is a shot that a player is granted if he/she is fouled while shooting the ball. It is shot from the freethrow line. If the player made his/her shot, then they get one, if he/she missed they get two, and if they are fouled while shooting a three-pointer, they get three freethrows, or foul shots

How may foul shots are allowed in basketball?

When you get fouled while shooting and make it only one shot. If you get fouled and missed 2 shots.

When did you start shooting 3 foul shots for getting fouled on a 3 point shot?

16 or 18

If a player is shooting a basket and a different player gets fouled does he get two shots?

No, no one will get any foul shots but the shot will count if the person shooting makes it and was in the act of shoot before the foul was initiated.

If a player gets fouled when shooting and the ball up by the rim there is offensive goal tending will the player that got fouled get foul shots?

yes they will because the players will not play through the foul....when the ref blows the whistle for the foul action stops

What is the difference between a shooting foul and a non shooting foul?

a shooting foul is when the player with the ball is fouled while in a shooting motion (jumpshot, dunk, layup, alleyoop, etc.) and a non shooting foul is when a player is fouled while not in a shooting motion (running, passing, off-ball, etc.)

Is a shooting foul a team foul?

a shooting foul is when a player is fouled in the process of shooting. Team fouls are fouls that accumulate from each player on the team.

Basketball foul shots?

Basketball foul shots are given when ou have the ball, and you are going for the shot, when you are fouled by the other team.

When do you have to take the ball back behind the foul line in a basketball?

When you get fouled within the 3 point line you shoot 2 shots behind the free throw line. If you get fouled on a 3 pointer you get 3.

How does a referee in basketball determine how many free shots are awarded when a player is fouled when shooting?

A regular foul is two shots per trip. However, When a person fouls extra hard, and the ref calls a flagerant, the person fouled gets three shots, or, if not in the mode of shooting, gets two shots and the ball. When a person is fouled and makes the shot, they get one free throw. When a technicam foul is called, the player with the best free-throw percentage on the team gets one shot.

What constitutes a foul in the act of shooting If your hand or arm is touched after the shot is released but the shooter is still in the air is it a foul?

If you are slapped or held in the act of jumping or shooting, you will take 2-3 foul shots. 3 if you are fouled outside the 3 point arch.

How many points are earned when shooting a basket within 19 feet?

Same as shooting in the 3 point area. You get 3 points. You can't get more then 3 points in one possesion unless! You get fouled when shooting a 3 pointer and the 3 pointer goes in. They will let you get 1 foul shot.

A player has four fouls and is fouled in the act of shooting and then commits a technical foul can he shoot the foul shot?

No the player can not.

What is an on the floor foul in basketball?

All fouls are classified as on the floor fouls, other than technical fouls (which usually occur from unsportsmanlike conduct with a referee or opponent). A standard announcer will say "There is a foul on the floor...." just to start out the announcement. Although there is a difference between a floor foul and a shooting foul. Floor foul results in a change in possession of the ball. Shooting foul result in 2 or 3 free throw shots by the player that was fouled. The number of attempts depends on if the shooter was attempting a 2pt. or 3pt. shot when fouled.

Can a player that has fouled out shoot technical foul shots for his team?

No - once a player has fouled out of the game he/she is disqualified and not permitted to perform any role on the court.

What is a foul in basket ball?

Illegal contact. And the fouled player would have to shoot free throws if the foul happened during the act of shooting.

What happens if a foul is committed on a non-shooting player?

Then there would just be a personal foul and the team that got fouled would keep possession.

What does it mean when a basketball team is in the bonus?

Each team can foul seven times before each foul results in automatic free throw shooting. When a team is in the bonus, they have been fouled at least seven times in that half, and anytime a member of this team is fouled, they automatically will be shooting a free throw, even if the foul occurs in a non-shooting situationl

Penalties in basketball?

Penalties are given in a different way in basketball than in football. Someone who commits a foul will have a foul added to their stats, and then the fouled person will shoot foul shots.

How many free shots do basketball players get?

It depends. In the NBA if a player is fouled inside the three point line where all shots are worth 2 points, he'll be awarded two shots at the line. If he's fouled at the three point line he is awarded three shots. However he will only go to the line if he was in the process of shooting if not, no free throw unless the team has a total of four fouls and every foul whether shooting or not is a trip to the free throw line.

In basketball what is a foul shot?

in basketball you get foul shots when your shooting and someone on the other team makes contact with your body

What is international foul?

In basketball, an intentional foul is deliberately committed by a defensive player with a purpose to stop the play. The penalty or penalties of an intentional foul are foul shots from the fouled player in exchange for ball possession.

What is a foul in the NBA?

A foul in the NBA is when the referee blows the whistle because of illegal contact. For example, someone is shooting the ball and the defender (the person guarding you on the other team) tries to block it but instead they just whack your arm, it's a foul. When you get fouled, you get to shoot free throws if you are shooting or if a certain person fouls a certain amount of times in a half or if the person who has been fouled has been fouled a certain amount of times, they get to shoot free throws. Free throws are worth 1 point for each one made. You always will shoot 2 free throws, unless if you get fouled when, you are shooting a 3-pointer, then you get 3 shots or if you get fouled a certain amount of times in a half or someone on the other team fouls a certain amount of times, you get what's called a "1 and 1" where you shoot 1 free throw and if you make it, you get to shoot another one but the "1 and 1" is only from leagues that children play in all the way to college. In the NBA, instead of the "1 and 1" you go ahead and get 2 shots.

What foul is it when a player begins to shoot a double bonus?

Bonus starts when the 7th foul is committed. Double bonus is at 10 team fouls. In single bonus the foul shout is one-in-one. If the first shot is made you get another shot. Double bonus is 2 shots automatically. Bonus means that when a player is fouled and he isn't in the act of shooting he still gets the bonus foul shots.

Is in every basketball foul under the basket a free throw?

only if the offensive player is in the act of shooting when fouled, or if the defensive team is over the foul limit when they foul the offensive player.