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Well it depends if your playing on ice, with no skates it could be counted as Ice Hockey however i would think that without any ice it would just be called hockey.

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Q: If you don't wear skates does it still count as playing hockey?
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What hockey skates do the pros use?

Most players are sponsored and wear the brands they represent. But big name skates in the NHL are the Rbk 9k pump skates. Nike Bauer Ones are popular. and mission is still big in skates

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Would you consider it real hockey if you play it on ice but without skates?

No. That is just running around on the ice. However, it would still be considered ice hockey because it is played on ice. It would therefore be acceptable to claim the phrase "I played hockey" as a true and accurate statement.

When did Sidney Crosby start playing hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins?

2005 is when he had started playing in the NHL for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has played for them since 2005 and is still playing for them. After resuming to play after the Canadian Hockey team in the Olympics.

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Why is there a CCM label on the tongue of my RBK ice skates?

CCM is a Canadian company that originally built bicycles, but in 1905 began building hockey skates followed by other hockey equipment as well. In more recent years CCM acquired other hockey equipment companies such as KOHO and JOFA. In 2004 CCM was acquired by Rebok who also kept the KOHO and JOFA names as well. The CCM and KOHO logos are still used on Rebok hockey equipment for tradition's sake, as they are known brands. On a side note Adidas purchased Rebok in 2006, so future versions of the skates could be multi-branded.

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If you play sports independantly and aren't on a team does it still count as playing a sport?

of course! You still are getting the exercise so you are!

How old when Tony Hawk stop skating?

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