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No. That is just running around on the ice. However, it would still be considered Ice Hockey because it is played on ice. It would therefore be acceptable to claim the phrase "I played hockey" as a true and accurate statement.

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2011-04-23 20:54:54
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Q: Would you consider it real hockey if you play it on ice but without skates?
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If you don't wear skates does it still count as playing hockey?

Well it depends if your playing on ice, with no skates it could be counted as ice hockey however i would think that without any ice it would just be called hockey.

Why do people wear ice skates for Ice Hockey?

because they would slip and fall without them:p

Why would you want hockey skates to weigh more?

You don't

Which website would you recommend to buy hockey skates online?

I buy most hockey stuff at

What to wear for Ice-Skating?

If you are a man you would prob prefer hockey skates. Women tend to wear figure skates. your choice.

Where are the brakes on Nike Bauer rollerblades?

Based on the brand mentioned (Nike/Bauer) I'm going to venture a guess that these are roller hockey skates. In which case, the brake would be absent as all roller hockey skates are manufactured without a brake. The link below gives some information on skate brakes including the types found on recreational style rollerblades, as well as information on skates with no brake.

Which pair of ice hockey skates would be best for playing indoors?

Ice hockey skates are, for the most part, relatively the same in terms of comfort regardless of brand; what your paying for is durability, and with that in mind, the best advice I can give is that you get what you pay for! Bauer and Reebok both offer good quality skates at a good price.

What would life be like without hockey?

life would be very boring in the winter time without hockey.

Why do you have ice skates?

I have ice skates.. because I am a figure skater.. Unless you play ice hockey, figure skate or speed skate there is not really another reason you would own some!

Would I be able to buy hockey skates from a store or do I need to specially buy them?

Of course you can purchase hockey skate from stores and you could determine the specs of hockey skate by checking out From there you can view the various brand available .

Can you use hockey skates for general street skating?

If you are referring to inline hockey skates, then yes you can use then for general street skating. I would highly suggest that you purchase an extra set of wheels that are harder for street use. Most inline hockey skates have indoor wheels and they will wear down fast skating on a hard surface. You will need wheels with a hardness (durometer) of 80A or higher. It is not that difficult to change out the wheels, just need a skate tool.

Are hockey ice skates padded inside?

Oh Yes, they're soft and cushiony in the inside. You would never know your foot was inside a skate

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