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It all depends how good a ball striker you are. If you are a poor ball striker these irons would be a big no no. But if you hit the ball well you could consider them. You should go get custom fit and see which irons are best for you.

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Q: If you are an 8 handicap and play 36 holes a week are you ready for a set of MP-32s?
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If you play 18 holes over the same 9 holes twice does it count towards your handicap?

Only if it is a nine hole course, not if you play the same nine holes of an eighteen hole course twice.

What handicap do you play if your exact handicap is 12.5?


Can you play a stableford in a club competetion without a handicap?

No, not really. This is because you will need a handicap so they can see how many shots you get on certain holes and therefore how many points you make. If it is an unofficial competition you may be able to play in it, so check before hand. But if it is an official competition, it is unlikely you will be able to play.

You're playing a match and you give 5 strokes because of the handicap at the end of the 18 holes you are tied what's next you go to play sudden death and give another 5 strokes or you play square?

It depends which hole you're playing. I think you have the handicap idea mixed up. When you give the strokes, you don't just take them off the top, you take them off the 5 hardest holes on the course. So if your playoff includes any of the 5 hardest holes, then you will get one stroke per each of those holes. If not, then you're playing straight up.

Should you have the same golf handicap after 20 years?

No you won't. Moreover, your handicap will increase if you practice or play regularly.

Your match play opponent has to give you 15 golf shots which are the holes where you don't receive the golf shots?

The holes of a golf course are ranked in order of their difficulty, 1-18. In the UK and Europe this system is called the stroke index and in the States I believe they are called the handicap holes. Your opponent must give you a shot on the holes ranked 1-15, so you don't receive a shot on the holes ranked 16-18.

How do you use your handicap when playing stableford rules?

Normally you would play stableford against your personal par, so you would alter par according to your handicap. So if you had a 25 handicap you would add 1 to par on the 11 easiest holes and add 2 on the 7 hardest holes.So a double bogey on the #1 handicap hole would score like a par and score two points, a par on the #18 handicap hole would score like a birdie and score three points, while a triple bogey on the same hole would score like a double and score zero.See Rule 32.

What handicap do you need to be to play the Monday qualifier?

Monday Qualifiers is a name given to pre tour event qualifiers staged for players who have otherwise not been selected to play. The top four finishers are awarded a ticket to play the main event. You have to be a Pro (handicap 0) or an amateur (handicap 2.0 or less) to play in a Monday qualifier.

Can you approximate a handicap when all you have played is a 9 hole executive course 1603 yds and a par 30 with an average score of 46?

HandicapYour handicap would be 8 No, it definitely would not be an 8. First of all, yes, you can extrapolate a standard handicap from play on an executive course. The formula for calculating an exact handicap is a bit complicated, involving both the rating and slope of the courses played. However, in the case cited, the golfer is 16 over par for 9 holes. The computed handicap would be closer to 30-32.

How does a pro am golf tournament work?

Each team is made of one amateur and one professional golfer. The professional golfer plays with no handicap as usual, but the amateur gets strokes from their handicap. The strokes are designated to the holes which correspond to the amateurs' handicap. If they get a shot on a hole and make par, that counts as one under etc. In the Pro Am at Pebble Beach, there are three rounds in each all amateurs play, then the top 25 get to play the final day. The amateurs play off forward tees, sometimes as far as 100 yards ahead of the pros.

Define how i determine my handicap in golf?

Play 3 rounds of golf, total the amount you are over par, and divide by 3, then round up. This is roughly your starting handicap. The handicap system is a lot more advanced, it takes CSS into account and you get reduced by or increased by decimal points depending on how you play and depending on your handicap category.

What do you do with a player who has a 40 handicap in golf and wants to play the quota game?

The maximum allowed handicap is 28 for men, and 36 for ladies, so they'd have to play off either of those.

What percentage of golfers have a 8 handicap?

According to the USGA, 16% of golfers (who maintain a handicap) play to an 8 or better. Currently, I'm an 8.

What is the complete predicate in the sentence the hockey teams were ready to play?

ready to play

What does dormie mean?

Dormie is a golf term used in match play to signify that one player's lead is the same as the number of holes left to play (For example, when a player is three holes up with three to play, two holes up with two holes to play, etc.).

What happens if you play a round of golf off the wrong handicap and submit your card to the handicapper?

You will be disqualified for handing in a card with the wrong handicap. That is what the rules dictate should happen, if you are given a card with the wrong handicap on it, you should change it.

Can hamsters and guinea pigs play?

They can play sometimes but when one is not ready to play the other is not ready to play and they do start to fight sometimes

What tees do amateurs play at pebble beach pro am?

Amateurs, regardless of handicap, play the forward tees.

If I have No established golf handicap proof what happens?

You would need to get one, depending on the entrance rules of the competition you want to play in, or the course you want to play, you may be unable to play. You can get handicaps over the internet, but the best thing to do is to get an established club or society handicap.

What is the average handicap of a 10 year old?

i think a good handicap for a 10 year old is 28 and that is what i play of and i am 10 so i think 28 is good

You are a member at two golf clubs if you play in a competition at the away club can your handicap still be cut?

Yes, your handicap can still be cut at the away club. That is assuming that you shoot under your handicap and that the competitions is qualifying. You should check with the clubs concerned.

How do you play a on clarinet?


Why are holes circle?

Somtimes. Not all holes are circles. Did you ever play perfection?

What is the average handicap for a 14-year-old?

The average handicap is probably around 23. There will be players who shoot over 100 consistently but are not that serious about golf. Then there are others who play a lot who get into the low 80's. With that said, shooting about a 95 is a good average handicap.

If you are playing a round and at the end of 18 holes you are tied due to your 5 stroke handicap - do you go to the first hole and give another 5 strokes or do you play square?

According to the USGA Handicap Manual, "Rule 33-6 empowers the committee in charge of the competition to determine how and when a halved match or a stroke play tie is decided. The decision should be published in advance." So there's no firm answer to your question. The USGA recommends that the handicap be assigned in proportion to the number of holes being played in the tie breaking playoff. In other words, if it was a 9 hole playoff you would get half of your five (three, they recommend round up 1/2 strokes). If it was a four hole playoff. you would get 5*4/18, which would be one. You should use your handicap allowance. The handicapping is used on the stroke index of the hole. If your first hole was stroke index 2 you would get a shot.

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