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Wrestling is not real but Kurt angl either does or did Olympics

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Q: If wrestling is real why not play in Olympic?
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How can you compete in the Olympic wrestling?

win your country's Olympic Wrestling Trials.

Wrestling fake or real?

Wwe,tna etc. is fake. amateur I.e. college, high school, olympic is "real"

What is the reality of wrestling?

there is no reality of it, its just fake... edit: olympic and highschool wrestling is very real and is all about showing which wrestler is the most dominant on the mat.

What did the ancient Greece play in the Olympic games?

they involved long jump wrestling fighting and running but no skating

What is Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Greco-Roman wrestling is the real sport of wrestling, practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is thousands of years old, and very different from the WCW or WWF. Schools with wrestling teams use this kind of wrestling. It is also an Olympic event, and Iran excels at Greco-Roman wrestling.

How do you make an Olympic team?

how do you make an olympic wrestling team

Is wrestling a work?

Professional wrestling that you see on tv yes, Olympic wrestling no

Is a Nelson hold legal in real professional wrestling?

I'm confused by what you mean when you say "real professional wrestling". Professional wrestling is not real wrestling, it is entertainment. If you mean real, collegiate wrestling, then yes. It is.

Which is the only Olympic sport with a maximum weight limit?


Is it true wrestling is real?

yes, wrestling is real

What ancient Olympic game includes boxing and wrestling?

The Olympic Games.

Who invented Olympic wrestling?

The Greeks

What are the rules of olympic boxing?

no wrestling

Is wrestling an olympic sport?

I think it is!

Is wrestling a Olympic sport?


What Olympic event has a judge?


Where did olympic wrestling begin?

the Olympic wrestling began in ancient Greece, and have records of it from cave painting of prehistory. but mainly it started in Greece and Rome

How do you play real wrestling?

ANSWER All u do is hit the guy 4 real

When did wrestling get invented?

Wrestling was around when the ancient Greeks used the sport for their olympic events

Who is the only Olympic gold medallist in pro wrestling?

Uh, Kurt Angle if you are talking about olympic wrestling yes but if you are talking about the olympic period ken patera won a gold metal in the 1971 olympic strong man

Sports in the first Olympic Games?


Which sport only for men in the Olympic?


Is wrestling fight a real fight?

The storylines are fake the wrestling moves are real

Is wrestling real or acted?

the wrestling is real but it is scripted and has a pre-determined outcome

When was Real Championship Wrestling created?

Real Championship Wrestling was created in 2009.