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there is no reality of it, its just fake...

edit: olympic and highschool Wrestling is very real and is all about showing which wrestler is the most dominant on the mat.

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Q: What is the reality of wrestling?
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What are the release dates for Reality of Wrestling - 2014?

Reality of Wrestling - 2014 was released on: USA: 1 February 2014

Is wrestling on Smack down reality?

no it is fake it is set up from the beginning

What is Bischoff's and Hogan's wrestling organization going to be called?

This is my opinon, dumb and dumber it is not a real wrestling organization it is going to be a reality show with celeberties

Who has won the most matches in wrestling?

well everybody thinks its undertaker but in reality its the ultimate warrior.

Which TV shows have gay wrestling?

Researching has not provided any conclusive results as to any television shows that have gay wrestling. It has been found that there is a program that is called "Don't Quit Your Gay Job" that featured wrestling in one of the reality shows episodes.

What else did hulk hogan do besides wrestling?

He has a reality tv show with his family called "Hogan Knows Best"

Why do some people ask Stupid questions here about Wrestling Characters in the WWE?

Because that is what interests them. Wrestling is entertainment in the same vein as Reality Shows. While neither is intellectually stimulating, they are entertaining to their audiences. no

What actors and actresses appeared in Wrestling Reality - 2007?

The cast of Wrestling Reality - 2007 includes: Sarah Dunsworth as herself Krista Hanakowski as Krysta Lynn Scott (2007) Marisa Leblanc as Herself (2007) Tommy Ozbourne as himself Purity Saint as herself Scott Savage as himself Lincoln Steen as himself

Which wrestling figures have their own reality television shows?

A number of well known wrestling figures have featured in reality TV in recent years. Most notably the Legendary Hulk Hogan (aka Terry Bollea) focusing on his comical attempts to assist his children's burgeoning careers and entry into adulthood in the show Hogan Knows Best!.

How do you work in the WWE?

First, you must have at least around 2 or 3 years experience in wrestling/professional wrestling. There are many ways to apply to WWE, such as contacting them or signing up for the reality show, Tough Enough.

What the wreslers doing today?

Most of the wrestlers are working for either WWE or TNA wrestling in Orlando. Others are working for Ring of Honor, Reality of Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and other independent and foreign promotions abroad.

What is the best wrestling school to get you to the WWE?

A lot of wrestlers in the WWE come from their developmental territory, FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). Many successful superstars such as John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton have came from OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling). WWE's reality show Tough Enough and NXT can also get you in the WWE.

Was the wwe the miz on the real world?

yes he was that was when he was first called the miz he was also talking about him watching wrestling before he went to wwe an was a wrestling fan. Plus this was before he was calling himself awesome because it was about reality before that time when he was calling himself awesome

Who is the father of Ashley Massaro's baby?

Ashley Massaro is best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment and an appearance on the reality TV show Survivor. It is unknown who the father of her daughter is.

Is WWE wresteling real?

WWE is fake but the chair shots, blood and weapons are real. In reality, wrestling grapples, strikes and interferences etc. are fake and scripted by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

In what sport does the loser get 'pinned'?


Has Abdullah The Butcher ever wrestled in WWE?

No. Only in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Central States Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Association, Lutte Internationale (Montreal), Midwest Wrestling Federation, NWA All-Star Wrestling, NWA Detroit, NWA New Zealand, NWA Southwest, National Wrestling Federation, Stampede Wrestling, Tokyo Pro Wrestling, World Class Wrestling Association, And World Wrestling Council.

Why was Undretaker banned from wrestling?

He wasn't. It was a storyline where Edge wanted 'Taker out of the way so Edge could be champion. In reality, 'Taker needed time of to recover from a shoulder injury, that's why he'll be back at Summerslam.

What is Terry Hogan famous for?

Professional wrestling.Professional wrestling.Professional wrestling.Professional wrestling.Professional wrestling.Professional wrestling.

What is a good wrestling academy for wrestling?

The collage for wrestling in Florida.

Where can you buy weapons for wrestling?

online you can get a lot of weapons for wrestling and i do mean real wrestling not toy wrestling weapons

How old can you be to join wrestling?

6 for Normal Wrestling 14 for Professional Wrestling in Canada 16 for Professional Wrestling everywhere else

What place wrestling is played .what we call it?

A wrestling stadium is a venue where wrestling can be staged. The arena where wrestlers fight is called a wrestling ring.

Why is junior high wrestling called wrestling?

cus it iz amatuer wrestling

Name of a Japanese wrestling?

sumo wrestling is what they do i japan sumo wrestling is what they do in japan