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No, the ball must be in custody of the opposing team for the shot clock to reset, and if the referee is watching it should really be a violation of the foot as you can't kick the Basketball, whether or not the referee decides to give you the ball or the opposing team the ball is questionable, it really should be yours because its the other teams foot that's violating however in some cases a referee may see that it was intentional and give the other team custody, so try and make it seem like an accident if your going to, but your best option is to just shoot the ball with any hope of it hitting the ring and you can run up and rebound it and start all over :) and its a 24 second shotclock not 14 :)

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Q: If the shot clock is winding down and you can't find an open teammate can you throw the ball at a defenders foot to reset the shot clock to 14 seconds?
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