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No, any kick that strikes the goal post is considered a dead ball because the goal posts are considered to be out of bounds.

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Q: If the football hits the goalpost from a field goal is it playable?
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When were the goalpost moved?

Goal post are always in the same place on the football field they never moved.

What is the length of a football field from goalpost to goalpost?

120 yards endzone to endzone it is 120 yds goalpost to goalpost is130 yds bout when the goal bends it is then 120 yds sideline to sideline 53.6 yds

How long is a rugby field from goalpost to goalpost?

The irb regulation is that the pitch shall NOT exceed 100 meters goal line to goal line

Can you run back football that bounces off goalpost?

dead ball, goal posts are considered same as out of bounds, unless ball goes through. in that case, it is a field goal, 3- points.

What are the posts that you hit the ball over to score a goal called in football?

It's called a goalpost.

What is the length of a football field goal post to goalpost?

The distance is 120 yards. 100 yards for the playing field. 20 yards for the end zones (2 end zones at 10 yards each). The goal posts are at the back of each end zone.

What is the lenght of a football field from goal post to goal post?

Goal post to goal post, a football field is 360 feet long.

What is a field goal in soccer?

There is no field goal in Association Football (soccer), that exists only on American football.

In football when would a field goal be executed?

In football a field goal would be executed when it passes through the uprights of the goal post.

Are College Field Goal posts closer then NFL Field Goal posts?

Closer to the field of play? No. In both college and the NFL, the goalpost is situated at the back of the end zone, which is always 10 yards deep.

Points for a field in football?

3 points for a field goal in American Football

How long is a football field from goal to goal?

100 yards.

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