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You would need to jump 2'11" in the air to dunk. Not impossible, but not likely.

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Q: If im 5'5 and my arm reach is measured at 7'1 what vertical leap will you need to dunk?
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What was Michael Jordan's vertical leap?

His vertical reach displacement during a jump from running 45.76 in., during a 1 hand dunk 41.70 in. and during a 2 hand dunk 40.93 in. These were his results when he was at UNC.

What is a slam dunk?

a amazing dunk with power vertical leap that makes the crowd cheer

What can you do to increase your vertical leap and can how can i dunk at 5'8 and 19yrs old?

nothing ... =]

What is a vertical leap?

Vertical leap is the difference between your flat-footed standing reach and how high you can reach with the same hand while jumping off two feet, from a stand still.

What is Michael Jordan's vertical leap?

42 inches was measured early in his career.

Can a 400 pound guy dunk on a goal?

Yes. It depends only on height and vertical leap of this guy. Shaq was around 350 lb if I remember good, and he could dunk easily.

How high is Vince Carter's vertical leap?

his vertical leap is 43 inches

What is Derrick rose vertical leap?

Derrick Rose has a 40 inch vertical leap Derrick Rose has a 40 inch vertical leap no he has a 4 feet vertical jump

How do you dunk at 5'3?

It is nearly impossible to dunk at 5 foot 3. Professionals in the NBA that are under 6'0" can barely do it. Spud Web is one of the shortest, if not the shortest, player to ever dunk, and he was 5'6". While not impossible, it is nearly impossible, and your vertical leap will need to be tremendous to do so.

What is spud webbs vertical leap?

His officially recorded vertical leap is 42 inches.

What is your vertical leap?

Vertical leap is a term used in basketball. It is the measurement of how high a player can leap vertically, which is just what the name implies. Since I'm not a basketball player, my vertical leap is only about 15 inches.

What is JR smith vertical leap?

His vertical leap is 44 inches. He actually has a 35.5 vertical.

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