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If the king is not currently in check and has nowhere to move without being in check, it is stalemate, which is a draw.

However if any other piece of his can make a move (i.e a pawn), then it is not stalemate, and you are forced to move whatever piece can be moved.

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Q: If chess king cannot move without going into check - checkmate or stalemate or draw?
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Checkmate and stalemate associate in which game?

Chess, checkmate is when you have someone in check and they cant get out of it, and stalemate is when a player cant move his peices

Which game has the terms checkmate and stalemate?

The game of chess uses those terms. Chess does checkmate means your in check and you cant get out and stalemate means you have no where you can move

In chess can you move into checkmate?

No. You may not move INTO check. If that is the only move available, it would then depend whether or not you are already in check. If you are in check and cannot move to a square where you are not in check, it is checkmate, the game is over, and you have lost. If you are not in check, but cannot move without going into check, and you have no other piece or pawn that can move, then it is stalemate, and the game is a draw.

What is stalemate situation in chess?

A stalemate occurs when your opponent's king is in such a position where it is not actually in check, but the only legal move left to your opponent is one where the king puts itself in check. This situation commonly occurs when your opponent has nothing but the king left or nothing but the king and pawns, which are blocked. The only piece that can make a move to another square is the king, but if that move puts his own king in check, it is a stalemate. Think of a stalemate in terms of what a checkmate is. Checkmate is when you put the other player's king in check in such a way that there is no legal move the opponent can make to get out of check. Stalemate is when you put the other king in a non-check position, but it cannot move anywhere without placing itself in check. This is usually a very frustrating mistake and often happens just as you are about to checkmate the king, but overlook the stalemate possibility by losing sight of all your own pieces.

Do you have to be in check in order to be in checkmate?

Yes. Otherwise it's a draw- stalemate.

What is the difference between a checkmate and a stalemate?

A checkmate in chess is when the king is checked and has no where to go. A stalemate is when the king is not in check and has nowhere to go and his other pieces(if any) also have no where to go. A stalemate is considered a draw. A checkmate occurs when a player's King is in danger of being captured by the other player's very next move and either the other player cannot move the king to a safe square, or cannot move one of his other pieces to block the capture or move one of his other pieces to capture the threatening piece. Checkmate ends the game with a win for the player checkmating the other player. Stalemate occurs when one player's king is not in check but the only legal move the king can make puts the king in check. Stalemate also ends the game but it counts as a draw.

Is it stalemate when the only move you can make to get out of check is next to the other king?

No , it is checkmate since it is an illegal move to move into check .

Does the king have to move when in check mate?

A checkmate occurs when the king is in a direct line of attack, and also cannot move. If the king cannot move any piece but isn't in a direct line of attack, it is a stalemate (tie)

In chess when does a stalemate occur?

A stalemate occurs when there is no possible winner. In other words, a deadlock. In chess, it means one of the players cannot move their king without placing it in check.

What does the term ''checkmate'' mean?

Checkmate is basically when your king is in check, and cannot get out of it by either blocking, capturing or moving.

Is it stalemate if its check and the only move you can make is to a square next to the other king?

stalemate occurs when there are very few pieces left on the board and checkmate can not occur. The kings must be at least one square apart, so if that is the only move your opponent has achieved checkmate and has won

How do you get a stalemate in chess?

To get a stalemate, you must get your oppenents king into a position where he cannot move without being taken (although not in check). Note that if somebody gets a stalemate, it is because their only remaining piece remaining is their king. You cannot use stalemate if they have and extra pawn, knight, bishop, rook, or queen. And you can also get stalemate if the only remaining pieces is both of the kings.

When the player has no legal moves in chess?

If you're in check and you have no legal move , it's checkmate - you lose . If you're not in check and you have no legal move then it's stalemate - it's a draw .

How many checks in a row can used to make a checkmate?

There are several chess rules related to this question. First, no number of consecutive checks automatically creates a checkmate. Second, there is only one limit to the length of a game without a checkmate, called the 50-move rule. You could put your opponent in check 49 times without a checkmate, but on the 50th move (assuming there has been no pawn move or capture) the game is a stalemate (a draw). Third, many checkmates occur the very first time the enemy king is placed in check. Fourth, there is a rule called "perpetual check". If you can show that no matter what your opponent does, you can again put him in check every move, you can call a stalemate (draw). This is a useful rule if you have a big disadvantage but the enemy king is exposed.

Can you be in checkmate before check?

Checkmate is a situation where the king can't escape check, ie, to have a checkmate, the king must be in check. In a mate such as Fool's Mate, the first and only check, is also checkmate.

King can move without check also?

king can move anytime except INTO check, or checkmate

What is an example of stalemate?

A stalemate occurs when one player's king is not in check, but has no legal moves left. Most often this occurs when a player's king is not in check but the player's only available move would put the king in check. Since the rules forbid a player from moving the king into check, the player has no legal moves remaining. But since the king is not "in check" it is not a checkmate.

What is a possible chess game ending?

Their are 4 ways to end a chess game Resignation-The player suddenly notices he is going to lose and gives up Draw-The players agree to a draw, a tie Stalemate-The King cannot move anywhere but is not in check Checkmate-........Checkmate!!!

Can you put the chess king in check mate?

No, you cannot move your king into a position where it is in checkmate.

What is the final move in chess called?

Check Mate. But this name only applies if the move results in a checkmate. Sometimes the final move in a game of chess does not result in a checkmate,; therefore it cannot be called a checkmate.

Do you have to say checkmate to win a game of chess?

No. Declaring a check/checkmate is not required since most players know when they are in check or checkmate. If they don't notice, then point it out to them.

In chess can you accidentally put yourself in checkmate?

No because you cannot move into or move a piece that places your king in check.

How do you get check mate?

Checkmate is where your opponent can neither counter or evade capture - checkmate .

Is the king in chess your goal?

The goal in chess, or the object of the game, is to checkmate your opponent's king. A king is in checkmate when he is attacked and no matter what move he attempts to make he is still being attacked (or in check). There are three ways to get out of check: move the king to a safe square, capture the checking piece, or block with another piece. If a player is in check and cannot get out of check, he is in checkmate and has lost the game.

How is a stalemate reached in chess?

A stalemate in chess can be reached if a player is unable to move or checkmate cannot be made due to both sides not having enough pieces. Unable to move: if, for example, Player A only as a king left and Player B has many pieces left, if Player B were to move a piece on their turn in such a way that meant Player A could not move his king because all movements would cause Player A to be in check, a stalemate would be called. Not enough pieces to call checkmate: if both Player A and Player B both have a king and a knight each, neither can call checkmate, as a result, a stalemate would be declared. I've also heard of two other ways stalemate can be declared but I've never experienced them. One is if a move is repeated three times in a row. If this occurs, one player is allowed to call stalemate and no one wins. The second way is if no pieces have be captured after fifty turns. Stalemate is automatically declared. Also if both players agree to end the game, the match is a draw, although I don't think it's the same as stalemate.

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