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Yes but if the ball is going to hit the wicket but hits your pad and THEN pad youre out

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If the pitch hits the plate, it would be called a Ball, but if the batter hits it after the ball bounces off the plate, he's not Out automatically.

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he is out because the ball has hit the bat

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Q: If ball first hit pad then bat and fielder catch is batsman out?
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How much run did a batsman gets if a fielder misses a catch and ball directly goes to boundary?

with out bouncing a six but if bouncing 4

If a cricket ball hits an umpirte is the ball live?

Yes it is. Law 32 section 3 paragraph e states that a fair catch is made when "a fielder catches the ball after it has touched an umpire, another fielder or the other batsman" (2000 MCC laws of cricket 3rd edition 2008)

Can a fielder catch a ball with his body?


In cricket what is a court?

You may be thinking of being caught. If a fielder catches the ball after it has been hit by the batsman from a valid ball, within the field of play and before it hits the ground then the batsman is out - caught.

Cricket fielder tries to run out batsman bat is in air above crease?

If the neither the batsman or the bat are touching the ground in the crease when the ball hits the wickets, the batsman is out. This is why it is important to 'grind your bat' as you run in.

If you catch the ball in cricket and fall over the boundary is the batsman still out?


If a batted ball hits a fielder's glove and knocks the glove to the ground but stays in the glove is the batter out if the fielder picks up glove before the ball touches the ground?

For there to be a legal catch, there must be a catch and voluntary release of the ball. Therefore, if the ball knocks the glove off the fielder's hand, he didn't meet either of the criteria for a catch: he didn't catch it, and he didn't release the ball voluntarily.

What if the ball was caught when the bat hits the ball and at that time of hitting the ball the bat slips and it hits the ball on its own without batsman's intentions will that be considered as out or?

Yaa, if someone takes a catch then the batsman is out definitely.

If batsman hit a ball and go for a 1 run and if in return the fielder overthrows the ball and the ball hit the helmet on the ground how much runs will be counted will be it is 5 or 6 and will this run?

there will only b a penalty run for the batsman . so he gets 2 runs

How long can fielder hold on to cricket ball after catch?

5 secs

If a batsman hits the ball into the helmet behind the wicket keeper are the runs credited to the batsman?

Not out. See Law 32.3e (a fair catch). If the ball hits a fielder's protective helmet this is not a fair catch and the batsman is not out, although the ball remains in play. MCC Laws of cricket:,58,AR.html However, if the helmet was on the ground and not his head, then the fielding team is penalised 5 runs and the ball is declared dead - he is not out.

If the fielder hits the stump with his leg at that time the fielder have the ball at that time the batesman is not in the crease In this case the batsman is out or not?

In this particular situation, the batsman is not out.This is because the wicket was not put down properly. According to Law 28 of the Laws of Cricket, only the ball itself or a hand or arm that is in possession of the ball can properly put down the wicket.Having said this, there is still the potential for the batsman to be run out in this scenario. If the fielder, having realized his mistake, either reassembles the wicket and then properly puts down the bails or uses the ball or the hand or arm with the ball to uproot one of the remaining stumps, either one before the batsman can make his ground by returning behind the popping crease, a run out can still be called.