Can a fielder catch a ball with his body?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Can a fielder catch a ball with his body?
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If a batted ball hits a fielder's glove and knocks the glove to the ground but stays in the glove is the batter out if the fielder picks up glove before the ball touches the ground?

For there to be a legal catch, there must be a catch and voluntary release of the ball. Therefore, if the ball knocks the glove off the fielder's hand, he didn't meet either of the criteria for a catch: he didn't catch it, and he didn't release the ball voluntarily.

How long can fielder hold on to cricket ball after catch?

5 secs

What does a deep fielder do in rounders?

Field and get the ball

Can a fielder catch a ball with his hat?

i guess he can if he really wants to but whats the point?

What if a fielder catches a ball but loses his glove and the ball stays in the glove?

If the glove or mitt falls off in the process of catching the ball, it is not a legal catch. The fielder must have control of the ball in the glove and then remove it himself.

It requires a fielder in possession of the ball touch the ball to the base?

You can touch the base with the ball if you want to. Any part of the fielder's body can touch a base as long as he has possession of the ball.

What is it called when a fielder stands behind another fielder waiting to catch just in case they miss the ball?

They are backing up the fielder, or playing backup. I have also heard some people calling it a safety stance. He's not actually waiting to catch the ball, but may do so if the fielder loses the ball in the lights. He's basically there to keep a second eye on the ball in case the fielder drops, mishandles, bobbles, deflects, etc. In many cases it is faster for him to make a play than it is for the intended fielder to scramble for the ball after it's botched.

Is there a rule in the MLB rule book that says if a fielder touches a foul ball but does not catch it is fair?

No. The umpire calls the ball fair or foul based on where the ball is when the fielder touches it. If the ball is in foul territory when it is touched, the ball is called foul.

Why does a fielder takes a catch by moving his hands in the direction of motion of cricket ball?

to the left

Is there an explicit baseball rule that says the ball is dead on a home run being a ball hit out of playing field in flight as 7.05a?

NO ... there is a 7.05a rule that refers to the ball being In play or not when hit near the walls ... In play is determined by the walls around the Field and the ball clearing them the fielders feet most stay with in those walls ... A ball that hooks foul when hit still has a chance to come back into play so calling the ball dead would be a premature call ... In baseball a fielder can extend there arm and body to catch the ball that is hit over the walls the fielder can even jump on the wall to catch the ball or knock it down ...It is all so worth noting that a fielder can't go into the dug out to catch the ball ...

If a fielder catches a fly ball and falls over the center field fence is it an out or a home run?

If the player holds on to the ball and it is determined that it did not touch the ground, it is an out. If the player drops the ball while falling over the fence, it is a home run. Added: To get more technical, I think as long as the fielder has his feet inside the area of the field of play, it would be an out. If the entire body (including feet) are over the fence when the catch is made, then it would be a home run. The above answer is wrong. If a fielder leaps and catches the ball before he touches dead ball territory the catch is good and the batter is out. It doesn't matter where he is in relation to the fence. He could be ten feet into dead ball territory and as long as he hasn't touched the ground, the catch is valid.

Infield fly runnes have to be taged?

Yes, they do have to tag up, unless the fielder, for whatever reason, does not catch the ball.