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the opposition player must stand out next to that player and wait till the ball is passed to move

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Q: If an umpire pulls you up for contact and awards a penalty pass to the other team what must you do?
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What decision would the umpire in netball give about cotact?

An extremely clear answer would be - the umpire would blow the whistle and the players should pause the game. After that, the umpire would shout "Contact!" and would state the action a player had used on another. She then would gesture towards the player which had been contacted and the player who had contacted the other. Telling the player that had contacted another to stand beside one of the players of the other team to take the ball. And if the contact was done outside the semi-circle, they would get a free pass but if it is in the semi-circle either shooter would take the ball and get a penalty of either a pass or a shot

How does an umpire work out who bats first in softball?

An umpire has nothing to do with the batting order. This is up to the coach to insure his players are batting in the correct order. Your coach will give a copy of your line up to the umpire and the other team. If a batter is out of order then it's up to the other team to bring this to the umpires attention before the next batter gets to the plate. If they do identify someone is out of order, in time, then the batter is out. If they fail to bring it to the umpires attention in time then there is no penalty.

How many people umpire a netball game?

usually 2. They stand at different sides of the court to one an other. One umpire controls one half and the other umpire controls the other half.

If you use a pinch runner do you have to tell the other coach of the change or just the umpire?

You only have to tell the umpire or official scorekeeper.

What is the penalty if a joint homeowner sells with the other owners consent?

"Joint" means just that ... it requires multiple signatures to sell property. Contact a lawyer.

If you have one umpire behind home plate where does the other umpire stand?

usually behind or right in front of second base but almost always behind

Once an umpire declares a foul ball can it be overturned?

Depending on the call all umpires can reverse a call but the crew chief supersedes all umpire ...Clarification:The chief umpire for the game, aka. plate umpire makes the final decision on a call when another umpire ask for help. If the umpire does not ask for help no other umpire should interfere with the call. The home plate umpire is the chief umpire, unless the league appoints an umpire as the chief umpire -- MLB appoints a crew chief for every umpire crew, all calls where umpires ask for help will come down to his final judgement. You can find all of this in 9.02 and 9.04 of the rules

Where is the umpire stand in a football game?

The umpire stands behind the defensive line and looks for holding on the offensive line. In the NFL the umpire stands behind the offensive line opposite the referee and looks at the line for holding and other infractions.

Is stepping in netball penalty pass or free pass?

A penalty pass is different from a free pass in netball because: A free pass is awarded to the opposing team because the infringement made by the other team only affected one player (stepping, replay, breaking) BUT A penalty pass is awarded to the opposing team because the infringement made by the other team affected two or more players (contact, obstruction)

What is a penalty pass in net ball?

You get a penalty pass, where the other player who fouled you stands next to you or you if you are in the D, you can have a penalty shot.

Can the defence block the punt in high school football rule?

a punt may be blocked by the kicking team without penalty unless there is some other illegal act involved. As long as the kicked ball is touched prior to the blocker contacting the punter the contact is ignored. For exanmple If the punt blocker were to block the punt and then make helmet to helmet contact with the punter there would be a penalty for the illegal helmet contact but not the blocking of the punt.

Does the player in the penalty box get a minus if the other team scores on power play?

If a player is in the penalty box and some one scores you get to get out of the box. Example: I get a penalty and my team scores I get to get out. Or I'am in the penalty box and then the other team scores I get to get out.