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Q: If a soccer player gets substituted can they come back on?
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Can a substituted player return to the field of play in soccer?

No the footballer can not come back once he is substituted.

Can a substituted player in Soccer refuse to come off?

maybe ... but he has to come off anyway if the coach orders him off

When is the soccer field going to come back on club penguin?

The soccer field will be back June 2010.

Where did the best soccer player come from?

Brazil pele

How do you you become a soccer player?

they have tryouts or scouts come to see you.

If a soccer player is injured must he come out of the game?

Not necessarily.

How many plays does a player have to sit out after an injury?

In soccer you wait until the official lets you back in. In football, at least one play. In baseball you cannot come back.

If it's called football worldwide where did the name soccer come from?

In America it was called Association football. People combined association player to "aSOCCiation" playER"to "Soccer".

How many famous people come from Togo?

Emanuel Adebayor (soccer player)

What does a soccer player need to be come one?

cleats, shinguards, long socks, shorts, light jersey, and sign on a soccer league

Who is Maradona in football?

Diego Maradonna is the greatest soccer (football) player to come out of Argentina.

What are the people who come out when a player is injured during a soccer game called?

They are called substitutes.

Will Henry come back to arsenal?

Not as a player.

How do you get to be a soccer player?

join a team and people come out to find people what are good for there youth team

When a NFL player is on IR is he out for the rest of the season or can he come back say for the play offs?

He can come back.

What type of respiration occurs in bread making?

the type of respiration: (((((((((((((((((( GUYS LISTEN SOCCER IS AWSOME COME ON BE A SOCCER PLAYER ITS AWSOME The correct answer is celluar respiration.

What coumtry does clarence seedorf come from?

He was born in Suriname. He has been a player for the Netherlands international soccer team.

Where does soccer cleat leather come from?

The leather of most soccer cleats come from kangaroo skins The leather of most soccer cleats come from kangaroo skins

Who sang the song 'Baby come back'?

Player , 1977.

What are the songs in the swiffer commercials?

"Baby come back" -- Player

Can an injured baseball player come back in the game after coming out?


Where do most soccer players come from?

most soccer players come from Germany and England and Brazil

What are the requirments to be a soccer player?

There is a lot of requirements so you can become a pro soccer player. one of the most important ones is your attitude toward your coach and other people, you have to have SKILL, STRENGTH, TECHNICAL, MAJIC, TALENT, AND FAITH. If you have a dream of becoming a pro soccer player like me you should make your dream come true, and if you do not have a dream you should not even play soccer. i live in Mt. city GA. 30562. MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE- NEVER GIVE UP.

In major league baseball can a baseball player be put in the game after it has started?

yes but the player who was in and is switching with the new player must come out and can't come back in

Who Sings the song baby come back I want you back I need you back I love you girl?

Player sings it