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I think the stealing rule in Little League is NO leading, runner cannot start running until the ball crosses the strike zone or is hit by the batter.

There are no lead-offs in Little League. (except Senior & Big League)

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If a runner is heading back to the base when the pitcher is on the mound, he MUST go back to the base, otherwise he can be called out. Now if you get a secondary lead after the pitch already crossed the plate, and you do not start to head back to your base, then you may advance as the pitcher is getting on the rubber, this would be considered a "delayed steal" --- however, you must make your motion to advance BEFORE the pitcher is on the rubber, otherwise you must retreat back to your base

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Q: If a runner does not go all the way back to the base when the pitcher is on the rubber is he able to steal before the pitcher pitches in little league ages 10-12?
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If a little league pitcher throws warmup pitches is he required to pitch to a batter?

Only if the pitcher warms up on the diamond.

How many pitches are in little league baseball?

80 pitches

In little league you have a batter in full count and change pitcher the new pitcher threw one strike and the batter is out who is responsible for that defensive out?

In any league, the last pitcher to pitch the ball is responsible for that batter. If he strikes him out, the credit goes to him, regardless of how many pitches he throws.

How far is home plate from the pithing mound for little league?

Depends on what age your talking about. On many league websites they usually post the rules of there games, including the distance that the pitcher pitches.

Who is western Australia's fastest pitcher in little league?

Jesse who plays for Morley Eagles. Pitches for Western Australia in lots of competions and plays All Stars.

How many pitches are average in a little league game?

I am in little league and so I know a little about this. I'll say on average we pitch about 60 pitches. Not that many, but a lot in just six innings.

What is the height of a Little League pitcher's mound?

The height of the little league pitchers mound is 6".

Who Is The Best Queensland Little League Pitcher?

In the Mt Gravatt eagles, there is a kid named Danny who can do perfect pitches and his fastest was 86mph during training and 80mph during a game.

Can a pitcher re enter in little league majors?

No. Pitchers can re-enter once in Juniors and above, but there is no re-entry as a pitcher in Majors and below in Little League.

Is there a limit to the number of times a pitcher can hit batters before he must be removed from the game in Little League?

NO. The limit will be determined by the coach.

Is there a limit to the number of times a pitcher can beam a batter before he must be removed from the game in Little League?

18 Pardon me while I chuckle.

How far is the pitcher's mound in little league softball?

40 feet.

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