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An advantage.

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Q: If a player receives a penalty the other team always gets what?
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Does the player in the penalty box get a minus if the other team scores on power play?

If a player is in the penalty box and some one scores you get to get out of the box. Example: I get a penalty and my team scores I get to get out. Or I'am in the penalty box and then the other team scores I get to get out.

What is a penalty pass in net ball?

You get a penalty pass, where the other player who fouled you stands next to you or you if you are in the D, you can have a penalty shot.

If you get a major penlaty in hockey then get a minor penalty and the other teams scores does the player who got a minor penalty get out?

Yes because a player can't leave the box until his time expires during a major penalty.

What is ice hockey power play?

A powerplay is often awarded when a penalty is given to the opposing team. When a player makes an illegal play, such as hooking or cross-checking, he is given a penalty. The offending player is then sent to the penalty box, usually two minutes for a minor penalty and five minutes for a major penalty. The team of the offending player is then shorthanded-they are only allowed to have four players (minus the goalie) on the ice. The time that the offending player spends in the penalty box is a powerplay for the other team.

Can the opposition be in the penalty area whilsta goal kick is being taken?

Not legally. No player is allowed in the penalty area whilst a goal kick is being taken other than the player taking the goal kick (usually the goalkeeper). If anotehr outfield player takes the goal kick then the goalkeeper can be in the penalty area. No player is allowed the touch the ball after the kick is taken until it leaves the penalty area.

What is a game of misconduct in the NHL?

A ten minute penalty to be served consecutively with other penalties given at the time of the infraction. A Game misconduct penalty, while a ten minute major, depending on the infraction and the extent of possibly injure to a player the offending player may also be assessed a Game Misconduct-Match Penalty, meaning the player is disqualified (ejected) from the game. However, a Game Misconduct nor a Match penalty is require for a player to be disqualified. A player can be DQ'd on a five minute major penalty for certain infractions.

How many penalties can one player get before ejection in youth hockey?

USA Hockey RulesAny player, including goalies, who receives four (4) penalties in the same game, will receive a Game Misconduct and be ejected for the remainder of the game.ALL penalties shall be entered on the scoresheet.All Major Penalties shall result in an AUTOMATIC Game Misconduct.Players who serve any penalty as a server for any other player shall not be charged for that penalty.A delayed penalty which is canceled by a goal scored, must be reported to the scorekeeper and recorded and does count toward a players gross penalty total

If a penalty is taken and scored but a player from the same team enters the box what according to the fa rules should happen next?

The only people allowed inside the 18 yard box for a penalty are the goal keeper penalty taker and referee. if any other player moves into the box before the kick is taken they penalty is retaken

What is the penalty if a player commits a foul when his team is in possession of the basketball?

the ball is turned over to the other team

In hockey if delayed penalty call and other team scores is there still penalty?

No. If the team who would've gone on the power play scores before the "penalized" team touches the puck, the penalty is nullified. On the other end, as soon as the "penalized" team touches the puck, play is stopped and the penalized player is sent to the penalty box. Sometimes, however, play is stopped as soon as the penalty is committed. An example may be if a player slashes another and breaks his opponent's stick.

Define a penalty shot in the game of lacrosse?

in kids lacrosse there is no penalty shot the team just loses a player and the other team gets a fast break or starts with it somewhere in the offensive zone. ( usually where the penalty of foul is)

What is the penalty for an offensive 3 second vialolation in basketball?

The other team gets the ball but the player is not charged with a personal foul

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