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The original team doesn't get compensated, but they only have to pay half of his remaining salary while ridding themselves of a player whom they don't want or can't afford to keep'

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Q: If a player is placed on waivers in hockey and picked up by a different team does the original team get compensated for it?
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What are 'waivers' in hockey?

Waivers are when a team wants to send a player down to the minors or farm team and they have to "waive" the rights to that player before they can send him down. If another team claims that player he is now their property. If the player clears waivers (no one claims him), he remains the property of the original team and can be sent to the minors. The player may be relaesed and can be a free agent.

If a player is claimed off hockey waivers can they be assigned to the minor league affiliate or do they have to join the NHL roster?

The team claiming the player from waivers is allowed to place the player in the minors if it so chooses.

What does cleared waivers in hockey mean?

If an NHL player is on a one way contract and the team is attempting to send him to the minors, he must first clear waivers. Waivers is when the other 29 teams get a chance to pick the player up off of waivers and the player then becomes a member of that team. The team lowest in the standings gets first bid, and then the next team in the standings gets the second bid, and so on. If the player clears waivers, it means none of the teams picked him up.

Who wrote the original hockey rules?


What were the original sports?

hockey and soccer

What was the original hockey puck made from?

The original hockey puck was made from vulcanized rubber invented by Charles Goodyear in the late 1800s.

Original name for hockey?

Hockey was an adaptation of "Shinny"

What does placed on waivers in hockey mean?

When a player is placed on waivers by a team, it allows other teams to claim that player and assume his contract. There is a provision called "right of recall" which allows that team who initially put the player on waivers to recall the player. If there is no right of recall and no team claims the player, the player is now able to be demoted to the farm system team of the parent team and paid the minor league salary.

What was the original name for ice hockey?

It was originally called "shinny on ice," because it was similar to a British game that was a cross between lacrosse and rugby. The original name for hockey was "ice hurley". Then gradually turned into ice hockey.

What would people call hockey if hockey pucks weren't invented?

Hockey. Pucks were invented for ice hockey, and if it hadn't developed, more people would simply play field hockey (the original way of playing hockey).

How is mens hockey different from womens hockey?

Men are good

Can you replace your hockey stick grip not put one on top but actually take the original one of?

Yes you can replace your whole grip with a different one you just rip the original of and replace it with the new one

What period was the original six hockey teams?

the time period of the original six was from 1917-1967

Different types of hockey?

The most common types of hockey are ice hockey, field hockey, floor hockey, and street hockey. With the exception of field hockey, all of these types of hockey generally follow the same rules.

Are field hockey masks different to ice hockey masks?


Is hockey the same as ice hockey?

Not exactly. Ice hockey is a version of hockey played on ice. There are several different types of hockey, including Field Hockey, Roller Hockey, and Street Hockey. The basic premise of the game is the same (two teams playing each other, trying to propel a ball or puck in the opponent goal) but each game has different rules. In North America, "hockey" refers to ice hockey. Elsewhere in the world, "hockey" generally refers to field hockey.

What is original name of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team?

Montreal macroons

What are the names of Canadian hockey team?

there are a few different canadian ice hockey teams

Where is the original Stanley cup?

Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Was field hockey originally called field hockey?

No. Originally "field hockey" was not called that, as at the time of origin there was only one type of hockey with variations, played around the world. Outside of America and Canada field hockey is known by its original and formal name of hockey. It is only after the popular growth of ice hockey and roller hockey in North America that the word "field" was added to distinguish it.

What types of products does Hockey Giant offer?

Hockey Giant has many shops, every shop has different merchandise. They sell hockey sticks, shoes, hockey clothing, hockey protection. Some stores also sell ice hockey gear.

What teams were in the original national hockey association?

Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Hockey Club, Haileybury Hockey Club, Cobalt Silver Kings, Les Canadians, Renfrew Creamery Kings, and the Montreal Shamrocks.

Original hockey teams?

the original six teams are: Toronto, Detroit, Montreal, Boston, New York rangers, and the Chicago blackhawks

What is the best hockey shop online?

Ice hockey equipment can be purchased online from different shops. The best shops to buy such items are Hockey Monkey website, Hockey Giant website and Perani's Hockey World website.

Why is the hockey goalie different from other hockey players?

Because it is an entirely different position. It is the only position in hockey that, if you make a mistake, it is recorded on the scoreboard. It takes a different mental approach for a hockey goalie than a player. Also, goalies are on the ice for the entire game, barring being relieved of duties or injury. Hope this helps.