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It is obviously earned. The only way for a team to get an unearned run is if an error makes scoring the run possible, either by allowing the runner to advance or allowing the inning to extend beyond what would have been three outs.

p.s. The fourth batter gets an RBI also.

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Q: If a pitcher walks four batters in a row and gives up one run then he strikes out three batters in a row is that one run counted as an earned or unearned run?
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With change of pitcher can batter be changed?

Yes. The batter can be changed. The balls and strikes are on the pitcher. If there is a new pitcher, the count goes to zero balls and zero strikes.

Do strikes go away when the pitcher is replaced in the middle of an at bat?

No, the number of balls and strikes stays the same when the new pitcher comes in.

How do you keep stats on a fast-pitcher?

strikes, walks, hits strikes, walks, hits

What are the responsibilities of the pitcher on a baseball team?

to throw strikes

Is it good to be walked 6 times no strikes?

not for the pitcher

What were the number of balls and strikes allotted to a hitter in 1884?

Batters in 1884 were allotted seven balls and four strikes.

Why is a batters swing important?

Because three strikes ansd he's out!

Which player throws strikes and balls over the home plate?

The pitcher.

What are good strategies for a pitcher?

Good strategies for a pitcher at any level are; throwing strikes, every successful pitcher must throw strikes to be effective. Keep the ball in the lower half of the strike zone, especially with off speed pitches. Finally its very important to work ahead, or throw strikes early in the at bat, that puts the pitcher in control and allows him to throw what he wants where he wants.

A foul ball is considered a?

A foul ball in a two strike count is nothing it count as a strike for the pitcher count but the count will stay the same and no out. In the case of a one strike count or a zero strike count, the fould ball is counted as a strike and the count will be a 1 strike difference. EX: 0 strikes turn into 1 strike 1 strike turn into 2 strikes 2 strikes stay at 2 strikes

What do you call a baseball game in which the pitcher strikes out every batter?

a perfect game

Why is when a pitcher strikes out all three batters in an inning it is called striking out the side?

the "side" is the term used for that teams part of the inning. so when they say striking out the side that means they struck out every batter in that part of the inning.

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