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No. Once a batted ball strikes a baserunner the ruling is a dead ball. In this instance, if the runner is in fair territory, they player struck by the ball is out, and the batter is credited with a single --- if the runner is in foul territory and struck this is a foul ball. Same would apply with hitting the batting coach

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Q: If a line drive ball off the bat hits the runner on third base and flies in the air is the batter out when the third baseman catches the fly ball?
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If the a line drive strikes the pitchers rubber and the catcher catches it is he out?

No he is not out. Hitting the rubber is like hitting the ground. He would have to throw out the batter, runner at first base.

Is it considered an error if a third baseman drops a line drive but gets a runner out who decides to try for home from third - unforced - and gets thrown out?

No error, batter is credited with reaching first on a fielder's choice.

When was the first triple play in MLB?

The first recorded triple play was by the Hartford Dark Blues on May 13, 1876 in a game against the New York Mutuals. With runners on first and second the Mutuals tried a hit and run. The batter hit a hard line drive to the second baseman who caught the ball for out #1. The second baseman threw to the first baseman to double off the runner for out #2. The first baseman then threw back to the second baseman to catch the runner off second base for out #3.

How do you get an unassisted triple plays in Baseball?

On a hit and run play, runners on first and second, the batter hits a line drive to the second baseman, he makes the catch for the first out tags the first base runner for the second out and steps on second for the third out.

Is it possible to get 4 outs in one inning?

YES! A very weird situation has to happen though. With runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, a line drive is caught by the 2nd baseman. The runner on 3rd runs on contact (without tagging). The runner on 2nd can't get back to the base. Instead of just tagging 2nd base for the 3rd out, the 2nd baseman runs after the runner and tags him AFTER the runner on 3rd touches home. When the 2nd baseman went after the runner, it became a "pickle" situation. The other runner's run counts (if it was scored before the tag) unless the defense appeals to 3rd where the runner left early and therefore would be the 4th out. Confusing, but true. 1st out- before the situation 2nd out- Caught line drive 3rd out- tag of runner 4th out- appeal to 3rd where runner left early.

Can the dh play in the field in baseball?

actually, they could, all you really need for a game, is a pitcher and a batter, the fielders are just for real games. although the only way for the batter to get out is to get struck out or if the batter hits a "line drive" to the pitcher and he catches it.

Is a 2002 Toyota 4 runner front wheel drive?

No , a 2002 Toyota 4 - Runner is rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive

Is batter out if hit by ball that he hit?

When a batter hits a ball and then leaves the batter's box, he immediately becomes a base runner. Rule 7.08(f) states that a runner is out if "He is touched by a fair ball in fair territory before the ball has touched or passed an infielder." I suppose a wildly spinning, batted ball could bounce towards the first base line and touch the batter-runner while he was running to first base. In that case, the batter - runner would be out. Satchel Paige loved to tell the story of how "Cool Papa" Bell once hit a screaming line drive that hit Bell as he was sliding into second base. In that case Bell would clearly have been out.

What should you do if car catches fire?

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How old do you have to be to drive a wave runner?

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There are runners on first and second and a line drive is hit to the left fielder who makes the throw to third to get the force out Does the batter get awarded a base hit or is it a fielder's choice?

A batter is never awarded a base hit when a runner is forced out, regardless of where the ball is hit.

If a runner is already on 1st base and the batter rips a line drive into center field and the center fielder throws out the runner at 2nd base is the batter credited with a hit or is it a FC?

One answer:it would be considered a force play. Another answer:The runner from 1st base would be out on a force play. The batter would be credited with a base hit. It would only be a fielder's choice if the official scorekeeper felt the batter could have been thrown out at 1st but the fielder chose to throw to 2nd (thus the term "fielder's choice"). It is unlikely that the batter would have been thrown out at 1st on the play you describe, but the final authority is the official scorekeeper.

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