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YES! A very weird situation has to happen though. With runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, a line drive is caught by the 2nd baseman. The runner on 3rd runs on contact (without tagging). The runner on 2nd can't get back to the base. Instead of just tagging 2nd base for the 3rd out, the 2nd baseman runs after the runner and tags him AFTER the runner on 3rd touches home. When the 2nd baseman went after the runner, it became a "pickle" situation. The other runner's run counts (if it was scored before the tag) unless the defense appeals to 3rd where the runner left early and therefore would be the 4th out. Confusing, but true. 1st out- before the situation 2nd out- Caught line drive 3rd out- tag of runner 4th out- appeal to 3rd where runner left early.

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2009-08-26 00:24:57
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Q: Is it possible to get 4 outs in one inning?
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Can there be 4 outs in one inning?

yes, in fact in one inning, there are six outs

How is it possible for a pitcher to make four or more strikouts in one inning?

A pitcher can get credited with 4 strike outs in one inning by the drop 3rd strike rule as long as the runner makes it to 1st base

Who has most strike outs in one inning in a baseball game?

While logic would lead us to believe that the most strikeouts a pitcher can get in one inning is 3, it's not true. 52 pitchers have recorded 4 strike outs in one inning. How does this happen? If a batter with 2 strikes swings and misses on strike three, but the catcher doesn't field it cleanly, he can run to 1B. It's not one of the three outs for the inning, but, it is a strikeout for the pitcher. No one has recorded more than 4 strikeouts in one inning, although it is possible. The most recent pitcher to accomplish this feat is Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners. He struck out four batters on June 3rd, 2010. For a complete list of all major league pitchers who have struck out 4 batters, see Related Links, below.

How many outs are in one inning of baseball?

There are six (6) outs in one full inning of baseball. Each team will have 3 outs each.If a pitcher starts pitching in the 1st inning and finishes after the 9th inning, then how many innings did he pitch? Is it 9 or 4 1/2? Or is 9 innings just understood? Do the math. There are 6 outs in 1 inning. 6 X 9 equals 54 outs. One pitcher 27 outs, the other pitcher 27 outs. WHICH means they each pitched 1/2 a game. Which means they each pitched ____4 1/2 innings.6. 3 for the away team, 3 for the home team.

How can a pitcher make 4 strikeouts in one inning?

if on one of the strike outs the catcher drops the ball and the batter reaches first base safely the out does not count

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How many pitchers with 4 strikeouts in one inning?

It is impossible to have 4 strikeouts in one inning because every strikeout is an out, and an inning ends when there is three outs. This "Answer" is wrong. A strikeout is recorded whenever a batter gets a strike three. If the ball gets past the catcher and the hitter gets to the base in time before the throw, there is a strikeout but no out. There have been 50 pitchers with 4 strikeouts in a single inning, Totaling up to 54 times. The most recent was Milwaukee Brewer's pitcher Manny Parra

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Has anyone stolen 4 bases in one inning?

1912 New York Giant Josh Devore steals 4 bases in an inning (2nd and 3rd twice)

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