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yes, but first it has to be determined that the defensive player had possesion of the ball and was going to run it. the defensive plaeyer could kneel and make it a touchback, but if he has control of the ball and is going to run it, but fumbles it before he gets out of the endzone it is a free ball.

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Q: If a defensive player intercepts a pass in the endzone he's defending and fumbles the ball is the ball dead or can an offensive player fall on it for a touchdown?
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Is an intercepted pass that is run into the end zone considered a rushing touchdown?

No, it is an interception and a defensive touchdown.

When do teams switch from defensive to offensive in football?

Teams Switch When The Offense ether Punts It, Gets A Touchdown, Or Makes A 3 Point Field Goal

How many chances do the defensive team have to get a touchdown?

None! They are defense.

Who is the all time defensive touchdown leader in the NFL?

Jason Taylor

When is a touchdown scored in football?

A touchdown is scored in football when a player carries the ball over the opposing players' goal line, or if he catches a pass in the end zone. Another way to score a touchdown is if the offensive team has its back close to the end zone and the quarterback has to step into the end zone to make his play and there is a fumble. If the defensive team recovers they score a touchdown.

What Tennessee defensive did Herschel Walker run over to score a touchdown?

Bill Bates.

What steeler had the longest defensive touchdown run in super bowl history?

James harrison

Is it a touchdown if the defensive team blocks a punt and recovers it in the endzone?

Yes it would be a touchdown. If the kicking team recovers it and is downed in the endzone or the ball goes out of bounds in the endzone the defensive team will get a safety and receive the ball via free kick.

In Canadian Football when a offensive player fumbles into the endzone who can recover it for a touchdown?

any player on the offensive team

What defensive player has the most touchdown in a career?

Darell Green number 28 he played for the Washington redskins.

If a pass is intercepted by defense he fumbles it and a player that was on offense recovers and runs in for a touchdown is it an offensive or defensive touchdown?

Yes. You can watch a video of Robert Meachem from the New Orleans Saints doing just this at this link.

How does a monster score a touchdown?

Monster is a defensive position. A player in that position could potentially score a touchdown by either recovering a fumble or intercepting a pass (most likely to the tight end) and running it in.

When a defensive touchdown is scored does the offense get credit for the extra point or does the defence get credited with the whole 7 points?

The defense gets credited with six points because they scored the touchdown and they didn't kick the extra point.

Jeff Saturday scored a touchdown?

Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts scored a touchdown on an offensive fumble recovery. The touchdown was scored in a 38-34 Indy win over New England in the 2007 AFC Championship Game.

What does pic six mean in football?

A "pic six" in football is when a defender intercepts a pass (pic) and returns it for a touchdown which is worth 6 points (six). Therefore it is called a pic six.

How do you score a defensive touchdown in NFL street?

tackle the QB extra hard to make a fumble thin grab it and run 4 a td

Which defensive linebacker holds the record for most interceptions returned for a touchdown in a season?

Derrick Brooks of the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 3.

Has an offensive linemen ever returned a kick off for a touchdown?

Almost, on the 19th of dec. The pats almost

If a team intercepts a 2 point attempt after a touchdown and runs to the opponents goal Is it a touchdown or a safety?

If the player is tackled in the endzone it's a touchback and the ball will be spotted at the 20. But if he runs it all the way back it's a touchdown.AnswerIn the NFL, that's not possible. The play would be whistled dead once the offense had lost control of possession. In college and Canadian football, however, the defense would be awarded a 2-point defensive conversion for successfully running the ball back to the opposite end zone.

Can a fumbled snap on an extra point conversion be run back by the defense for a touchdown?

In college football, yes, except it counts as a 2-point "defensive conversion," not a touchdown. In the NFL, no. As soon as the defense takes possession, the ball would be dead.

What does a defensive player do when they catch the football?

If a defensive player catches the football, it is considered an interception and he would run toward the end zone in hopes of scoring a touchdown for his team. Interceptions are one of the most exciting plays in the game of football.

How do you take stats at a football game?

To keep stats for a football game you first need the roster of the team. It is best to keep the offensive and defensive teams separated on your stat sheet. For the offensive side you will need to keep track of all pass attempts, completions, completion percentage, passes deflected, interceptions, touchdown passes, passing yards, quarterback rating, rushing touchdowns, rushing yards, fumbles, receptions, receiving yards, return yards, receiving touchdowns, field goals and extra points. For the defensive side you keep track of both solo and team tackles and sacks, interceptions, fumbles, recoveries, touchdown, deflected passes and punted yards.

What does a offensive do in football?

they help get the ball across the feild and to score a touchdown. they must block the oncoming defenders from tackling the quarterback.

Returned field goal in football is this considered a defensive touchdown?

No. This would be considered a special teams TD similar to a kickoff return for a TD or punt return for a TD.

What was the name of the play and who was the player John Riggins ran over on 4th and 1 in route to a touchdown in Super bowl 17?

That was Miami defensive back Don McNeil.