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Q: If a batting team needs one run with one wicket in hand and the last batsman is stumped on a wide ball so the result will be in whose favor?
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Can a batsman be stumped out on a no ball in Cricket?

You can't be stumped off a no-ball, but you can be run out, be out obstructing the field, handled the ball, and hit the ball twice. A batsman can be stumped if he steps out of the crease to take a ball, misses it, and the wicket keeper catches it and removes the bails of the wicket before the batsman or his bat re-enters the crease exception is no bAll.

What do stump means in cricket?

They are called semi tries they are made of wood. correct that is

How can be there a wicket on wide ball which is credited to bowler?


How many times can you be out from a wide?

2 ( stumped out & hit wicket )

In cricket what are the ten reasons a batsman could be out?

1. bowled when the bowler bowls it and it hits the stumps 2. stumped 3. run out 4. caught 5. hit your own stumps 6. LBW - leg before wicket - 7. fall on your own wicket 8. - 9. - 10. -

In cricket how many ways can a batsman be out?

lbw catch stumped run out hit wicket handling the ball obstructing the field timed out (failing to reach crease in 3 minutes!) double hit bowled retired hurt

Is it out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket?

Yes, it is out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket because the batsman hit the wicket.

What is the LBW term in cricket?

If the ball hits the batsman's pad (on his leg) and is "hitting" the stumps (so if the batsman wasn't there, it would hit the stumps) then it is out.

In cricket if no ball is thron and batsman is heat wicket he is out or not out?

Not out. Only way to get batsman out when a no ball is thrown is run out.

If a batsman is on the line when the cricket bail comes off is he out?

The batsman would be outThe batsman couldbe out.You're asking a question about a possible Leg Before Wicket(LBW) dismissal, and there are multiple factors involved in such a decision. Did the ball bounce off the pitch before hitting the batsman (if it doesn't, even if it hits the batsman in line, it must be treated as if it impacts the batsman outside the line of off stump, and cannot be ruled an LBW unless the batsman does not offer a shot). Furthermore, the path of the ball must be shown to be able to continue on and hit the wicket had the batsman not been there.

How can a batsman out?

There are four ways. run out, catch stump and wicket.

How many type of run out in cricket game?

There are many different types of outs in cricket. They are:BowledCaught BehindCaught in the fieldCaught & BowledLBWStumpedRun OutHit out