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Yes, any time a runner scores, the last person in the batter's box gets credit for the RBI. Even if he gets walked with the bases loaded he gets the credit for an RBI, even though in both of these cases he didn't hit the ball.

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Q: If a baserunner scores as a result of a dropped third strike does the batter get credit for a run batted in?
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Does a batted ball that hits a baserunner get credit with a hit?

the baserunner will be out and it will be counted as a hit

Does a batter get credit for hit if the batted ball hits a base runner?

If a batted ball hits a runner in fair territory, the runner is out, and the batter is credited with a single and takes 1st base

If there is a baserunner on third and the batter hits a ground ball which the fielder makes an error on does the batter get credit for an RBI?

That would likely depend on the circumstances involved before the error occurred meaning if there were no outs or only 1 out then he would get a RBI no matter what but if there's 2 outs then he likely wouldn't get a RBI.

If a baserunner is hit by a batted ball in fair territory who gets credit for the out? Section 10.09.c (2) When a runner is called out for being touched by a fair ball (including an Infield Fly), the official scorer shall credit the putout to the fielder nearest the ball

What does GDIP mean in baseball?

Double plays initiated by a batter hitting a ground ball (but not a fly ball or line drive) are recorded in the official statistic GIDP (Grounded Into a Double Play), an indicator of one form of batting ineptitude. Should a run score on a play in which a batter hits into a double play (the first-and-third or bases loaded, none-out situation), official rules of scoring deny the batter credit for an RBI, although the batter always gets credit for an RBI on a one-out groundout or a fielder's choice play in which a baserunner scores.

The credit a batter receives for a turn at bat that enables a teammate to score a run?

This would be a Run Batted In... better known as an RBI.

In fast pitch baserunner is stealing on pitch but the ball gets away from catcher does the base runner stealing get credit for stolen base?

yes, the base runner stealing does get credit for the stolen base.

What does run batted in mean in baseball?

A batter is credited with a "Run Batted In," or RBI, when the result of his actions at the plate leads to a run being scored. I believe the only exceptions to this are if there is an error on the play, and otherwise, the run would not have scored, or if the batter hits into a double-play. Note: If the batter hits a homerun, he gets credit for a hit, a run, and an RBI.

Who gets credit for putout when a bunted ball hits the batter?

MLB Rule 10.09b-4 is pretty unambiguous: The official scorer shall credit an automatic putout to the catcher when a: ... (4) batter is called out for being touched by his own batted ball;

Runner on second is hit by the batted ball while running to third. How is this recorded?

dead ball, the runner is out and the putout goes to the closest fielder...the batter gets credit for a hit and if there are other runners that are forced to advance by the batter getting first (in this case, a runner on first), he gets to advance also...if there are 2 outs, the batter still gets credit for a hit but the inning is over

First batter gets on via error question if the next player up knocks him in does this batter get credit for an RBI and does the first guy get credit for the run scored?

Yes they get the credit

In fastpitch softball if a courtesy runner ends up scoring who is credited with the run the original batter or the courtesy runner?

The hitter gets an RBI ( run batted in) but the runner gets the credit

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Does a fielder's error go down as a hit officially?

No. If a player reaches base due to a fielder's error, the batter does not receive credit for a hit, but does get credit for an at-bat. Therefore, the batter's average will descend, but the batter's on-base percentage will increase.

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Score a fielder's choice?

A fielder's choice counts as an at bat for the batter, however the batter does not get credit for a hit.

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When a player gets caught in a rundown and a runner scores from third does anybody receive credit for a RBI?

Yes, the Official Scorer will credit a batter with a RBI in the event of a runner scoring from third in the event of a player getting caught in a run down however Official Scorers also will have the right to not credit the batter with a RBI in the event that they do not believe that the batter would have advanced the runner on third base to home plate.

When a run scores on a balk does the batter get credit for the RBI?

No. No RBI is granted in this situation.

How do you mark an out in the scorebook if the batter is hit with the ball out of the batters box?

It is an unassisted putout given credit to the nearest fielder and the hitter is given a single when a batted ball in play hits a runner -- in this instance since the batter is the runner hit he would not get a single and since it is just out of the batters box it would just be recorded as G-2 -- or Ground-out to Catcher, whichever is your shortcut of choice for marking that

If a hitter gets on base on an error and a run scores does the hitter get an RBI?

Hopefully this will help with this question....this is from the official major league rulebook. The official rulebook of Major League Baseball states in Rule 10.04: (a) The official scorer shall credit the batter with a run batted in for every run that scores: : (1) unaided by an error and as part of a play begun by the batter's safe hit (including the batter's home run), sacrifice bunt, sacrifice fly, infield out or fielder's choice, unless Rule 10.04(b) applies; : (2) by reason of the batter becoming a runner with the bases full (because of a base on balls, an award of first base for being touched by a pitched ball or for interference or obstruction); or : (3) when, before two are out, an error is made on a play on which a runner from third base ordinarily would score. (b) The official scorer shall not credit a run batted in : (1) when the batter grounds into a force double play or a reverse-force double play; or : (2) when a fielder is charged with an error because the fielder muffs a throw at first base that would have completed a force double play. (c) The official scorer's judgment must determine whether a run batted in shall be credited for a run that scores when a fielder holds the ball or throws to a wrong base. Ordinarily, if the runner keeps going, the official scorer should credit a run batted in; if the runner stops and takes off again when the runner notices the misplay, the official scorer should credit the run as scored on a fielder's choice.

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Does a hitter get credit for two runs batted in when he hits a home run and there is a runner on base?

Yes, he gets credit for the runner on base and batting "himself" in.