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if the ball hits the black edge of the home plate this means it is a ball. hope I helped. if you have anyome more trouble email and I can help(:

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Q: If a ball hits only the black edge of home plate is it a ball or strike?
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How much of the plate does the ball have to cross to be an inside or outside strike?

even if the smallest bit of the ball crosses over the edge of the plate, it is to be called a strike as long as it is still within the strike zone

Is the Black part of home plate?

No, the "black" is NOT part of home plate. Home plate is 17 inches wide. Some home-plate models have a black edge that extends beyond that 17 inches. The utility of that black edge is to protect the white edge of the actually plate from chipping.

How will you determine if the ball pitched is a ball or strike?

When the Ball or any portion of it, crosses the front edge of home plate, between the batters front knee ( that knee being the one closest to the Pitcher) and halfway between the batters belt and Elbow when standing in his or her natural batting stance.

When was the black banding that used to surround home plate abandoned in MLB?

If the black banding you are talking about is the black edge around every home plate, it is still there. This is where the phrase "painting the black" for pitchers was coined.

How is new crust formed at the edge of a tectonic plate?

Crust is formed at the edge of a tectonic plate by, when a volcano erupts, the lava or magma (same thing) hits the edge of a tectonic plate and cools and dries on the edge of that tectonic plate.

How do you place a napkin on side of plate - cut edge to outside or toward plate?

The edge should face away from the plate.

How do you perform a field hockey tomahawk?

A tomahawk is a hit where the edge of the stick is used to strike the ball. Simply swing as you normally would, but twist your wrists slightly so that the edge is used instead.

Are the Appalachian mountains on an active plate edge?

No. There is no such thing as a passive plate edge. They are near a passive continental margin.

Do the Andes and Appalachian Mountains lie on the same type of plate edge?

No, the Andes are near a subduction zone type plate edge but the Appalachian Mountains are not near any plate edge of any kind.

What tectonic plate pushes on the eastern edge of the South American Plate?

Nazca Plate

What occurs when the edge of one plate at a convergent boundary slips beneath the edge of another plate and begins to melt?


What plate is mt Saint Augustine on?

It is on upper edge of the Pacific Plate.

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