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even if the smallest bit of the ball crosses over the edge of the plate, it is to be called a strike as long as it is still within the strike zone

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Q: How much of the plate does the ball have to cross to be an inside or outside strike?
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Does the ball have to cross the front of the plate to be a strike?


What are the balls in baseball?

A ball in base ball is a ball outside of the strike zone. The strike zone is from mid-chest to knees and over home plate. Any ball inside the strike zone is a strike.

What is the strike zone for college fast pitch softball?

It changes depending on the umpire, but it usually is between the letters of the jersey (or her chest) and her knees, and from the outside of the plate to the inside of the plate.

If a ball is pitched and it crosses the batter at his eyes and then drops into the strike zone is it a strike?

Yes. The umpire calls the pitch by determining if any part of the ball crossed any part of the plate within the strike zone. If the pitch does not cross home plate, the umpire calls a ball. If the pitch crosses any part of home plate, the umpire determines the height of the ball as it crossed the plate. If the beight is within the strike zone, it is called a strike. If it is outside the strike zone, it is called a ball.

Is it a ball or a strike if a batter holds the bat over the plate and the ball is outside the strike zone?

If the bat is over the plate it is indeed a strike. It is considered an attempt to hit the ball and it does not matter where thepitch is in relation to the strike zone. Ball

Should the first baseman be positioned inside or outside of the bag on a third strike drop by the catcher?

Depends on if the ball is blocked in front of home plate or towards the backstop.

When does a umpire call a ball in baseball?

when it is not in the strike zone. a strike is thrown when the ball crosses home plate.if it does not cross home plate it is a ball.

If a batter stands close to home plate when batting is he an inside batter or an outside batter?


Where to find VIN on a f1 truck?

There is usually a stamped steel plate on the inside of the fire wall or on the fire wall inside the engine compartment There should be a plate in the dash visible from the outside on the drivers side at the outside corner.

If a ball hits the plate is it a strike?

No, it would be a ball because it would be out of the strike zone as it crossed the plate.

Was the first MLB pitch a strike or a ball?

it was a ball on the outside part of the plate. The pitcher Walter Buchanan played for the Boston braves.

Where is the backdoor slider pitch located?

The term "Back Door" could be used for both a slider, and a curve ball. It refers to a baseball that was thrown outside of the strike zone, misses the plate but, is caught behind the plate, and called a strike. Technically it should be called a "ball" because it never crosses the plate but, because it is caught behind the plate and appears to be a strike to the umpire; It is said it came in through the "back Door"

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