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Nope, when the batter is hit it is a dead ball.

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Q: If a Batter is hit by pitch with runner on second base as runner steals third is this legal?
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Does batter have to swing to be legal runner on a dropped third strike?

no it just has to be a strike

Minor ball tourney -- batter is awarded base on balls --- runner advances to 1st base and advances to second without stopping at first - is this legal-what if he stops at first and then goes to 2?

yes he can do it

If there is a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs and is the tieing or winning run the batter hits a foul ball in the outfield is it legal to let the ball drop?

yes it is legal

If there is a runner on third with less than two outs and can be the tieing or winning run the batter hits a foul ball in the outfield is it legal to let the ball drop?

Yes it is. It is actually a very, very smart defensive play. By catching the ball, yes you gain the out, but the runner will most likely score. By letting the ball go, the player gave their pitcher another chance to strike the batter out or have the batter hit a ball in an easier to handle area.

Legal definition of thief?

Someone who steals something owned by someone else

What is an illegal batter?

An illegal batter is a batter who bats out of his legal turn.

What is the legal term when someone steals another's idea for a television show?

It is called plagerism.

Is there automatic time out after base on balls in baseball?

No. After a base on balls, or a walk, the ball is still in play. That leads to a common "trick" used often in sub-professional ball where the batter will jog to first after a walk and continue to second. When the fourth ball of an at bat is a passed ball, the batter can try and stretch the walk to second base. Both of these moves are legal.

What is a legal runner?

They generally "run" documents to court or do filings elsewhere.

What are the release dates for Just Legal - 2005 The Runner 1-2?

Just Legal - 2005 The Runner 1-2 was released on: USA: 26 September 2005 Belgium: 7 March 2009

Is it legal to kill a road runner?

Well, if it was up to me, killing any animal would be illegal.

If a batters foot touches the side of the plate while swinging is the legal?

No. MLB Rule 6.03 states: "The batter's legal position shall be with both feet within the batter's box. APPROVED RULING: The lines defining the box are within the batter's box." Since home plate is not within the batter's box, touching the plate with a foot while swinging would not be legal.

If a Mexican man has had a legal residency but lost it and is going to be deported is there any way for him to gain the legal residency or become a legal citizen?

no. so just hope he is a fast runner.

Is it legal in MLB for a runner to jump over the catcher to score at home plate?


Are disclaimer signs legal if someone enters a changing room and steals something?

Your question makes no sense. Disclaimer signs are legal. This doesn't change if a person is in a changing room stealing something.

Is it legal to trip a ball carrier?

It is legal to trip the ballcarrier. Rulebook definition: Tripping is the use of the lower leg or foot to obstruct an opponent, who is not the runner (ballcarrier), below the knee. If tripping occurs on an opponent other than the runner it is a 15 yard penalty.

What happens if a runner on third takes off to steal home and the pitcher legally steps off of the mound and throws home and the batter hits the ball?

It's called a "run and hit" play. The runner from third takes off towards home plate and it's the batters job to put the ball in play so the runner can score.Correct answer:The answer above does not apply to the question as the question implies the pitcher stepped off, so the ball thrown home is not a pitch. (my opinion, but i will leave it)First off, I dont think this is a situation that you will find in the rule book exactly as described, so there will need to be some interpretation done on the side of the umpires as to "what actually happened". If this was a game I was umpiring I would call the runner out for interference by a player/coach that is not envolved in the play (the batter, in this situation). But like I said, the umpire would have to determine that the pitcher stepped off legally -- the fact that the batter hit it would be deemed as intentional because there is a big difference between a throw to the plate as a pitch, and one that is not a pitch -- first off if he stepped off, i doubt the pitcher would follow the legal mechanics to make a legal pitch -- so right there it has to be ruled either -- 1. pitcher stepped off and is making a play on the runner at 3rd or 2. a balk (and the runner would be rewarded home)BUT, under no circumstances could the pitcher both step off the pitching rubber and the batter hit the ball thrown home. -- the umpire would have to determine as said before.. if the pitcher stepped off legally or balkedThank you. I misread the question.

Can a tag be considered a force out?

On a force out, you may either tag the base the runner is being forced to, or you may tag the runner before he gets to that base. If it is not a force out, you must tag the runner while he is off whatever base he has a legal right to occupy.

Does a batter have to call time or can he just back out?

A batter must request and then be given time from the home plate umpire. If the batter backs out of the batter's box without time being called the pitch is legal and valid.

A right handed batter takes his first pitch for a ball He then switches and becomes a left handed batter for the next pitch a strike He then changes back to a right handed batter Is this legal?

Yes, it's legal in Major League Baseball provided the pitcher isn't in the middle of a pitch otherwise it's illegal.

Is it legal to marry second cousin?

In every state it is legal to marry your second cousin. In 1/2 of the states it is legal to marry your first cousin. Check the applicable law in your state.

Is the Batter out if he bunts the ball fair with his foot touching the line of the Batter Boxs in baseball?

As long as one foot is not COMPLETELY outside the batter's box when the bat contacts the ball, the hit is legal.

Softball rules can batter hit ball after it hits the ground?

no absolutely not it is an automatic strike If the ball is pitched and hits the ground before it gets to the batter and the batter then hits the ball it is a legal hit.

If my first wife married a man than married me which marriage is legal?

The first marriage is legal. If there is a divorce then, the second marriage is legal. If there isn't a divorce, then it is not legal.

Can a batter swing during an intentional walk?

Yes, there are no rules in baseball stating what kind of pitch a batter may swing at. It wouldn't be wise to swing at a pitch thrown during an intentional walk, but if the batter wanted to it would be legal.