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The pitcher

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Q: If a 3rd baseman goes to the mound between innings picks up ball moves his feet around to smooth the dirt 2 feet from the pitchers rubber then hands the ball to the real pitcher who has to pitch?
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In girls high school softball how many innings must the pitcher pitch to get the win?

Four consecutive innings if she is the starting pitcher. There's no minimum number required for relief pitchers.

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to win a 9 inning game?

In a Major League Baseball game, Starting Pitchers can pitch as many innings as needed, it is up to the discretion of his Manager however Starting Pitchers must pitch 5 innings in order to qualify for a win.

What baseball pitcher brushed his teeth between innings?

Eccentric major league pitcher Steven John "Turk" Wendell would brush his teeth between innings.

In mayor league baseball what does the stat for pitchers the whip mean?

WHIP is a pitcher's statistic that means the pitchers walks (W), plus hits (H) allowed per innings pitched (IP).

If a pitcher throws a no hitter through nine innings can the no hitter be broken up by the relief pitcher?

In MLB, yes. MLB's definition of a no hitter is: "An official no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings." So a pitcher could pitch a no hitter for nine innings or nineteen innings but if a reliever comes in and gives up a hit, the no hitter is over.

Are there any limits on how many innings a pitcher can pitch?

Are there any limits on how many innings a pitcher can pitch, in one game? Not in any official rules. In a MLB game on 1920 May 5, both pitchers threw for 26 innings. The game was called due to darkness with the score still 1 to 1.

What MLB Pitchers struck out in 3 pitches?

I believe that almost every pitcher who has pitched for more than 30 innings has struck out someone in three pitches. It isn't very hard for a pitcher to strike someone out in three pitches, especially if they have pitched for 30 innings.

What are the players in baseball?

In baseball, there are two main categories of players: Fielders and pitchers. At one time there are 8 fielders and 1 pitcher on the diamond. There is a right fielder, a left fielder, a centre fielder, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, Shortstop, 3rd Baseman and a Catcher. There are two types of pitchers: starters and relievers. The starter begins the game in the first inning and, depending on how well he is pitching, may end up pitching through all nine innings. If the pitcher struggles and the manager thinks he should be replaced, he brings in a reliever, either a middle reliever who normally pitches 1-2 innings, or a long reliever who normally pitches 3-5 innings. There is also a specialty reliever called a closer who often pitches the ninth inning, normally in save situations. i belive it is right field, left field ,short stop,1base,2nd base 3rd base and catcher and the pitcher .that are on the field at any giving time unless they decide to change

How do you decide if pitchers get the win or loss or no decision?

If pitchers' team is ahead when he leaves the game (all runners left on base that score, are charged to the pitcher that left them on base), he gets the win. The pitcher must pitch at least 5 innings in a game over 6 innings to get the win. If it is a tie game and the relieving pitcher's team wins, relieving pitcher gets the win. Otherwise he is charged with the loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters as a pitcher and then loses the game, the relieving pitcher is charged with a loss. If the relieving pitcher's team is winning when he enters the game as a pitcher and wins, the relieving pitcher is given a Save.

How many innings can a major league pitcher pitch in a week?

That is a tough question to answer because of variables that would limit how many innings the pitcher could pitch, such as pitch counts and how good the pitcher was pitching and, in the National League, whether the pitcher is coming up to bat in an inning and the manager decides to pinch hit for him. MLB starting pitchers pitch every 5 games which means they would pitch no more than two games in one week. The most innings pitched in MLB in 2010 was 250 2/3 by Roy Halladay in 33 starts. This averages out to 7 3/5 innings per gsme and 15 1/5 innings every two games. So, the pitcher that pitched the most innings in MLB in 2010 averaged between 15 and 15 1/3 innings per week.

How many innings for a pitcher to win a game?

5 innings

What is ip in baseball?

The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher. The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher.

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