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Eccentric major league pitcher Steven John "Turk" Wendell would brush his teeth between innings.

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Q: What baseball pitcher brushed his teeth between innings?
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What is ip in baseball?

The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher. The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher.

How many innings does the average major league pitcher throw?

5.98 innings per start, or about 6 innings, according to

What is the average number of innings pitched per start for a major league pitcher?

5.98 innings, according to

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to get a win in college baseball?

He must pitch a minimum of 5 complete innings.

What does the baseball statistic IN mean?

'IN' stands for 'innings' and is usually seen in a line of statistics for a pitcher.

Is there a maximum number of innings a baseball pitcher can pitch?

No, but the manager usually pulls a starting pitcher when they have thrown about 100 pitches.

How many innings for a pitcher to win a game?

5 innings

In high school baseball how many innings must starting pitcher pitch to get the win?


Does a baseball pitcher earn the win if he is ejected?

If he has pitched at least 5 innings, he can qualify for the win.

Is it legal in baseball for a coach to talk to his pitcher on the mound between innings?

Yes it is. The game is paused however this is not done due to the coach being able to talk to the pitcher during the previous half inning.

What is the rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch?

In MLB, there is no rule about the number of consecutive innings a pitcher can pitch.

What was the most innings pitched by baseball pitcher in 2009?

In MLB, 240 by Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.

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