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Since 2008 all fines collected from driver's go to The Nascar Foundation charity.

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Q: If NASCAR drivers get fined where does the money go?
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Where could somebody go to see a current list of NASCAR drivers?

The Sporting News would be an excellent resource for someone wanting to see a current list of NASCAR drivers. This resource also lists if the drivers are full or part-time, how many races they have won, and how much money they have made driving for NASCAR.

What college courses do nascar drivers need?

Many NASCAR drivers don't go to college. But engineering courses would be a big plus.

When a NASCAR driver is fined and he pays the fine where does the money go and what is it used for?

Good Question! All fines are collected by Nascar, put into a penalties fund! At the conclusion of the season. The money is then divided up into equal portions, and given back to all owners, that raced in the season.

What bars do NASCAR drivers go to?

Drive-thru bars

Where do most Nascar drivers begin their careers?

Everyone of the modern guys started on a go-cart.

Why do drivers push each other in a Nascar race?

To make the car in front go faster.

How many cars does the Nascar Cup Series field at the Pocono race?

The Nascar Cup Series fields 43 drivers at every race they go to on the schedule.

How do Nascar Cup Series drivers qualify for a race?

One at a time drivers go out on the track and race 2 laps as hard as they can to get the quickest time.

Where do NASCAR racer go to the bathroom?

NASCAR drivers actually wear diapers in case they have to urinate!! If the driver can not wait till after the race they may go in adult size diapers or "depends".

How much money is it to go to a Nascar race?

Depends on what race track you want to go to.

How do NASCAR drivers go to bathroom in a race?

they take shifts so when they need to go to the toilet they switch drivers ^ they do not take shifts they take the needed precautions before the race and if they absolutely have to they go on themselves

Where do NASCAR drivers go after the race?

Well, that depends on whether they won or not, so it's either victory lane or home.

What is a hononym for the word fined?

fined as in i was fined $200 dollars and find as in go find my pencil.

How old do racecar drivers have to be?

There really isn't an age that they go by but the driver has to be able to control the car good enough to race. Some drivers in NASCAR are 17 and 18 years old.

How old do you have to be to drive a go kart in the US?

There's no minimum age. Most if not all NASCAR drivers started driving them when they were five.

Who has more money NASCAR or Formula 1?

A small bit of info, A fine levied by Nascar, in the thousands, Mcclaren was fined 100 million.Answer Formula one has less sponsors but more money, nascar has more sponsor less money. Granted formula one has great sponsors and more of an international following but the competition is more about the driver than people think. As far as team budgets go, it's definetly f1. the big teams have budgets from 100- 250 MILLION. with 10 teams, that's a ridiculous amount of money. I would disagree and say that f1 also has a far bigger following. sure, nascar is big in the us, but f1 is everywhere. it is the third most watched sporting event in the world, and nascar is further down the list. F1 has far more money. No question.

How do NASCAR racers urinate?

NASCAR drivers go to the restroom before a race begins so they don't have to go during the race, if they do have to go during the race they'll will just have to wait until after the race is over to go. They won't just stop racing to use the restroom because they're racing for their paycheck.

Is 12 too old to get into NASCAR?

Most NASCAR drivers started running go-karts when they were five or six. If you can learn quick you should be able to start driving Bandoleros when you're 12 and make it to the show eventually.

Why is Jeff Gordon popular among Nascar fans?

Because he is one of the most talented drivers out on the track. And he is pretty cute too ;) Go #24!!

Is there a limit to how fast you can go in NASCAR?

Yes there is a limit to how far you can go in Nascar. The reason why they have a limit is because if you go to fast in Nascar it'll be impossible to make the turns on the track.

How do you make the most money possible as an auto technician?

get an engineering degree and go to work for a nascar race team.

Why won't NASCAR go away?

NASCAR is still popular and will not just up and leave. They're making very good money and they continue to have a large fanbase in several parts of the United States.

What do Nascar drivers do if they have to use the bathroom during a race?

Usually it's 130 to 140 degrees in the car. You could sit in a sauna and drink all day long and not go to the bathroom. That is pretty much what happens with the drivers because you are in such a hot environment. And in the rare occurrence that they have to go, they just go in their suit.

How much money do you need to pay when you go to take your drivers test?


What rhymes with NASCAR?

go far in a bar while im driving nascar