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Thereis no need both have their own grounds.

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Q: If Liverpool are playing at home do everton play away and vice versa?
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Is Liverpool fc older than everton fc?

No Everton were formed in 1878 and Liverpool were formed in 1892. Liverpool were formed because of a Fallout between the Everton Board. The owners argued over the rent for Anfield, so Everton moved to Goodison park a mile away. Left with an empty field, Liverpool was formed to fill the vacant stadium.

Does jamie carragher support everton?

Liverpool fc wrong he is an evertonian he use to travel on our away coaches and had an everton tattoo on his arm

What was Liverpool FC called before it was Liverpool FC?

Liverpool FC didnt change their name. Liverpool F.C. were formed in 1892 after Everton broke away from the club. The owner of the Anfield Stadium and a few players formed the club in 1892.

Where did Everton sign flop defender per Kroldrup from?

Danish defender Per Krøldrup joined Everton from Italian side Udinese in June 2005, for a reported £5m. He played one league game (the 4-0 away defeat at Aston Villa) and a home FA Cup tie against Milwall.He was listed in The Times newspaper's "Top 50 worst transfers" and the Liverpool Echo's "Merseyside Lost 11" - a list of Liverpool and Everton players the paper considered the worst in history.

What games in hand have Birmingham city got?

Everton away & Chelsea away

What has been Liverpool fc away strip colours?

The current away top for Liverpool if grey with red trimming

Have everton always played at goodison park?

They also play away

When did Liverpool last beat Manchester United 4 - 1 at home?

This score has never occurred in a Liverpool v. Manchester United match, although Liverpool beat Manchester United 1 - 4 playing away from home on March 14, 2009.

Which English football team recently wore a pink away strip?


Who are liverpools local rivals?

everton are just a street away from them but they are alsofirse rivals with manu

How far away from Liverpool is Bolton?

The distance from Liverpool to Bolton is approximatly 25.96 miles or 41.78 Kilometers.

How far is Liverpool away from Newcastle?

173 Miles

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