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27 seconds is a great time for a 50 freestyle. your time also depends on wether your a competitive swimmer or not if you are not you should be! dats a pretty good time! check for the a, aa, aaa, aaaa times if your a competitive swima!

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Q: I ma a 14 year old girl and in a 25 yard pool is a 27 an ok time for a 50 freestyle?
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What is a 200 yard freestyle?

A two-hundred yard freestyle is an event at a swim meet in which the swimmer will swim the freestyle stroke back and forth across a normal pool four times (twice across, twice back).

What is the fastest 25 yard freestyle for 10 year old girl?


What is the average 100 yard time for a 7 year old boy swimmer?

The average 100 yard time for a 7 year old boy depends on which stroke they are swimming and the length of the pool. A typical time for a boy younger then 10 swimming the 100 yard freestyle is 1 minute 10 seconds.

How many laps in 25 yard pool equal one half mile?

Well, presuming that you equate a "lap" with "one length of the pool", a mile is 1760 yards, which means that you would have to swim 70.4 laps to swim a mile.Thus, a one-half mile is equal to 35.2 laps or, more practically speaking, 35 laps plus 5 more yards.However, in competitive swimming, the 1650 Yard Freestyle and 1500 Meter Freestyle races are colloquially referred to as "the mile."The 1650 Yard Freestyle is only swum in swim meets that take place in non-metric, 25 yard pools. (There is no 1500 Freestyle in meets taking place in these yard-denominated pools.) The 1650 Yard Freestyle is 66 laps. One half of that race is 825 yards, which is 33 laps.The 1500 Meter Freestyle is only swum in meets that take place in pools denominated in meters (pools of either 25 meters or 50 meters in length). (There is no 1650 Freestyle in meets taking place in these meters-denominated pools.) In at 25-meter pool, the 1500 Meter Freestyle is 60 laps, and one-half of it (750 meters) is 30 laps. In a 50 meter pool (i.e. an Olympic-sized pool), the 1500 Meter Freestyle is 30 laps, and one-half of it is 15 laps.

What is a good time for A 9 year old girl in 25 yard freestyle swim?

I would say a low 15 to be competitive even maybe a 14 to win.

What is an average 50 yard freestyle time for 8 year old boy?

Thirty seconds

What are the levels in Plants vs Zombies?

Front yard, Front yard night time, back yard day time (with pool), Back yard night time (with fog) and the Roof.

What is the 50 yard freestyle swimming record?


How many lengths in a pool is 100 yards?

4 for a 25 yard pool. 2 for a 50 yard pool. 1 for a 100 yard pool (lol)

Which is longer a meter pool or a yard pool?

1 meter = 1.094 yard 1 yard = 0.9144 meter

What is a good time for freestyle swimming for a man?

A good time depends on a lot of different things. Like how long the event is and how old you are. If you are thinking of only a 50 yard freestyle (down and back in 25 yard pool) a good time for a high school swimmer would be between 23 seconds-25 seconds. A great time is between 20 seconds- 22 seconds. If you are a college swimmer however a good time would be about 20-21 and a great time is around 18-20 (phelps does around a 16-17)

Can you put a pool in a shady yard?

You can put a pool in any yard it doesn't matter.

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