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Efficiency rating: ((PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK) - ((FGA - FGM) + (FTA - FTM) + TO)) / G

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Q: I know how to calculate it but what does Efficiency rating actually mean in basketball?
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What does 'eff' mean in basketball?

Efficiency rating: ((PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK) - ((FGA - FGM) + (FTA - FTM) + TO)) / G

What does per stand for in basketball?

The player efficiency rating (PER) is a rating of a player's per-minute productivity. To generate PER, I created formulas -- outlined in tortuous detail in my book "Pro Basketball Forecast" -- that return a value for each of a player's accomplishments. That includes positive accomplishments such as field goals, free throws, 3-pointers, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals, and negative ones such as missed shots, turnovers and personal fouls.

What is 'c' in efficiency rating?

The factor?

What is the efficiency rating of a high efficiency furnace?

The efficiency rating is called annual fuel utilization efficiency or afue. For residential systems in the USA, the minimum is 80%. There is no standard for what is considered "high efficiency". The range of efficiencies goes up to about 96% for gas furnaces.

Is the true efficiency in a heat pump greater or smaller then the efficiency based on the motor?

It is greater. You need to look for the SEER (Seasonal Engergy Efficiency Rating) to see the true engergy rating of the heat pump.

Are converse good for basketball?

Yes, some of them are. I actually have a pair of basketball converse and the rating for them is 92%. You can purchase them at FamousFootwear, Finishline, and many other athletic shoe stores! these are actuallty the ones i have!

What is the energy efficiency rating of the Frigidaire FAX052P7A?


Who is the most efficient basketball player of all time?

According to PER, (player efficiency rating) Michael Jordan has the highest career regular season PER at 27.91 and a career playoffs PER of 28.60.

What is another word for seer?

Standard Electrical Efficiency Rating

How can calculate ka rating?


Are fossil fuels efficient?

It depends on the efficiency rating of the burn appliance.

How do you calculate the efficincy of gas burner?

Divide the output rating by the input rating