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Yes, some of them are. I actually have a pair of Basketball converse and the rating for them is 92%. You can purchase them at FamousFootwear, Finishline, and many other athletic shoe stores! these are actuallty the ones i have!

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Q: Are converse good for basketball
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Where is it possible to read reviews about Converse Basketball Shoes?

It is possible to read reviews about Converse Basketball Shoes by visiting eBay which provides you with customer written reviews about the Converse Basketball Shoes.

Where can one purchase Converse basketball shoes?

Converse basketball sneakers can be purchased at any place footwear or sports footwear is sold. Some such places are Foot Locker, Amazon, Reebok, Walmart, or at Converse's website.

Why did chuck Taylor call it converse?

Marquis Converse was the woman who originally invented Converse sneakers. Converse was really her last name, so that is how that started. Chuck Taylor came in when everybody discovered how good he was at basketball, so Chuck earned the privilege to design one of the bestselling basketball shoes ever. Unfortunately, Converse sneakers went bankrupt in 2001, with lack of selling the sneakers, so Nike bought them out 2 years later (2003).

What were the first basketball shoes?

converse chuck Taylor high tops

Who are the sponcers in basketball?

nike, addidas, gatorade, converse, and many more

What year were converse sneakers introduced?

The Converse All Star debuted in 1917 as the first basketball shoe. Chuck Taylor invented the first Converse All Star shoe.

What sport were Converse All-Star tennis shoes first used for?


What are the top selling Converse basketball shoes of 2009?

They're Chucks of course

Why did Chuck Taylor invent the converse?

He didn't exactly invent them. He changed the style from the Converse factory's. He wanted a new shoe suitable for basketball players.

What company was the first tennis shoe manufacturer?

Converse They are more than just shoes, nostalgia, or a fashion statement. The history of Converse shoes spans the history of 20th century America and the evolution of basketball. Converse shoes revolutionized the sport of basketball and witnessed the birth of rock and roll. Sixty percent of all American own or have owned at least one pair of Converse sneakers. In 1908, Marquis M. Converse, in his late 30's and previously a respected manager at a footwear manufacturing firm, opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company for business in Malden, Massachusetts and begins providing winterized rubber soled footwear for men, women, and children. By 1910 Converse Rubber Company was producing 4,000 pairs of shoes daily, but it wasn't until 1915 that the company began manufacturing athletic shoes for tennis. Basketball, less than 25 years old, was revolutionized in 1917 when Converse designed and produced the world's first performance basketball shoes, the Converse All Star. In 1918, Charles H. "Chuck" Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones, acquires his first pair of All Star basketball shoes and backed by Converse, he introduces the game of basketball to Americans across the country; all while wearing his Converse All Stars. Chuck Taylor officially joined Converse in 1921 as America's first player endorser, and in 1923 after publishing a retrospective on the first 60 years of basketball and teaching his first basketball clinic at North Carolina State University, his signature was added to the All Star patch. This decision marks the defining moment in the history of Converse shoes and gives birth to an American icon. Chuck Taylor, known as the "Ambassador of Basketball", then launched into a 35 year "evangelist tour" to introduce and teach basketball to America. Converse also customizes shoes for the New York Renaissance (the "Rens"), basketball's first all African American pro basketball team. The "Rens" pioneered a whole new method of playing and won a remarkable 2,588 games with only 539 losses. Converse steamed ahead through the 1920's and 1930's as the nation's interest in basketball surges. Converse and basketball became synonymous as the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star became the standard issue basketball shoes for professional, college, and high school teams across the country.

How did Marquis M Converse create Converse shoes?

Actually, Marquis did create converse, though he and Charles Taylor collaborated to create a shoe specifically for basketball -which at the time had no shoes tailored to it-.

What styles of Converse slip ons are currently trendy?

Chuck Taylor's are Converse slip ons styles which are currently trendy. Converse Basketball Sneakers are very straight forward, but are also considered very trendy.

What year did Converse introduce the hi tops?

A high-top is a type of shoe that reaches well above the ankle typically used in basketball. Converse produced their first high-top canvas and rubber shoe in 1917. They were called the Converse All Stars or the Chuck Taylor All Stars after the basketball player who promoted them.

Who is the founder of Converse?

Moore Converse 1908 by the United States in Springfield, Massachusetts, founded a professional manufacturer of basketball shoes, CONVER ALL SATAR so he was born

How did converse shoes become popular?

It became popular when everyone saw that Chuck Taylor was playing basketball with them on!!!

What does a good basketball shoe have in it?

good basketball foot....

Why does it say all-star on the back of Converse?

It says that because a while ago, basketball player used to use converse. They do that as the term of "all star" so I hope that answers your question!

Why is the Converse logo on inside?

The Converse logo is on the inside because when the CT All-Star was created it was a basketball shoe and patch (at the time this was technology) was put on the inside as ankle protection for the players.

How Much Money Does Converse Make?

It depends on how good you do!

Is chuck Taylor the creator of converse?

No, Marquis Converse founded Converse sneakers in the late 1800's. Chuck Taylor was just a great basketball player and a nice guy so he earned the privilege to design some sneakers. Neither of them are living anymore.

Who is chuck Taylor?

Chuck Taylor was 1 of 2 of the wickedly famous designers of Converse sneakers. Chuck was also a pro at basketball, and got into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

When were converses first made?

American Baseball and Basketball player used to wear them in the early 1900s. Converse Rubber Shoe Company was opened in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse.

What are the advantages of Converse shoe for women?

Converse offers Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Basketball and Sports Authentic shoes in a variety of colors and designs to allow women to find a shoe to suit their style. Converse also offers the option of creating your own shoe.

The History of Converse Shoes?

Converse shoes have been a huge part of American fashion. These shoes came on the scene when rock and roll was in its glory days. Statistics indicate that about 60% of Americans have owned a pair of converse shoes. In 1908, Marquis Converse began making this shoe. Previously he had worked in a shoe manufacturing plant, and he learned the trade of shoemaking during this time. In 1915, Mr. Converse started making shoes for tennis athletes. Next, in 1917, he produced the world's first basketball shoe. This shoe was called the All Star Converse. In 1918, Chuck Taylor, a basketball player, started to wear Converse shoes. Suddenly, basketball players were intrigued with this new basketball shoe. In 1921, Chuck Taylor joined the team of Converse; he started endorsing the brand all over the nation. After this, Chuck Taylor launched a 35 year basketball crusade across the U.S. His mission was to teach basketball to people of all ages and races. Sales for converse shoes surged throughout the 1920's and 1930's. America was intrigued by the shoe and the sport of basketball. The Chuck Taylor All star Converse became the official shoe that was issued to basketball players in high school, college, and professional basketball. Additionally, Chuck Taylor invents the seamless basketball in 1935. This ball has a different and better bounce than traditional basketballs. Throughout the 1930's and 1940's converse shoes played a major part in the landscape of American life. Its impact was so much more than a shoe. It represented a time period. At the height of the popularity of converse shoes, America entered World War I. Basketball became extremely healing to the country. This sport was a way to exemplify American unity and patriotism. Also, this sport represented the strong moral fiber in the nation. Today, converse shoes have rocked their way into the hearts of a new generation. Youth and adults today can be seen sporting unique colors and styles of this legendary shoe. The vibe behind converse shoes is young and fun. It is a slight variation from the seriousness of other shoes. A person can even design their own style of Chuck Taylors. The possibilities are simply endless.

Who invented all-star converses?

they were made by converse in 1917 when converse was just entering the basketball shoe market. Player Chuck Taylor liked the All-star design and suggested changes to converse and became a sales man of sorts for the shoe and converse in turn placed his name Chuck Taylor on the ankle patch of the shoes.