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If you take in 1/2 your body weight in protein every day and eat a lot of food to gain weight than your bench will go up, if you start losing weight your bench will not go up. Also you should work on your upper back and triceps a lot too so you get a lot of power off the bottom.

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Q: I bench 170. what can i do to get my bench max up fast?
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Is a high school freshman max bench press going up 100 lbs in 5 weeks normal?

No, it is not normal for a high school freshman max bench press to go up 100 pounds in 5 weeks.

When you max on barbell bench press if you put it up uneven does it count?

Yes...but you could injure yourself. The Bench Press is an exercise that causes problems with shoulder flexibility.

What is the max weight that this bench will support?

The maximum weight the body craft F320 can hold is up to 300 lbs.

How much does the average NFL wide receiver bench press?

In the NFL combine wide receivers are required to do a max rep set on the bench at 225lbs. The top performers in the 2010 combine put up in the area of 18-20 reps. For a max bench this equates to something around 300-315 for a max weight. This is of course not exact however that's a ballpark for you at least.

Is a 245lbs max out for bench press and weighing 190lbs good or bad for a 15 year old?

its alright im 15 and i weigh 186 and bench 280. keep up the work

How do you increase your bench max?

Work out your triceps consistently. Do about 3 sets of dips or some tricep related exercise and your bench press should go up significantly. Mine went up drastically by 15 pounds.

How much should you be able to bench press if you are a 14-year-old boy that weighs 112?

I'm 15 now and i can bench 150 at max but i can do 130 like 10 times. and my friend Richard can do about 205 and he isn't even 14 yet... but i would say around 100-130 by the way yous should be able to bench your own weight. hope this helps ~Mr.GoogleAnswers ^^ this guy is def lying maybe he can do 150 max but if u can put up 130 10 times you max would be around 170... and it all depends how long u have been benching i am 110 and im 15 ... lol but i put up 140 for a max ":) gl benching ^^ not necessarily as i can bench 110kg (240 pounds) two to three times but I can bench 90 kg (200 pounds) over 10 times with ease and I am only just 15 ^^^ ya because im 14 130 and did 135 10 times but my max is like 160 but people do say i can do 175 so ima try dat

Im a freshman in high school i weigh 145 and im 5 foot 7 my max bench is 170 max squat 325 i play linbacker and running back and wondering if anyone could give some tips?

Your Bench dont really mean nothing but its still a need to suceed in football.....Keep up with the legs because that is the first thing you should worry about. Strong legs will help you get faster. I'm a freshman at Lakeland Senior High in Lakeland, Florida and we have the toughest weight program in the nation. My bench max is 250 and I sqaut 315 and I'm 5'6", 219.......!!! My point is you just need to have hard and you will always be successful in football and in anything you do.

Why is Max Abfal so dust?

Hes dust because he never gets to play. He just gathers up dust sitting on the bench.

How can you break your leg fast?

You can jump from high up and land straight, or you can place your leg on a bench and get some people to lift it up until it snaps

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What are bench step ups?

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