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well you just put it on

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Q: I am in martial arts our instructor says you need a cup to spar so I got a cup a jock strap and I wear whitey tidys so could someone please tell me the process of putting the cup on?
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How do you smack someone?

Consult your martial arts instructor.

What does Daishi mean in Japanese?

I think it means like... Someone who's important, or a master, like a God or like a well known martial arts instructor. Someone very important, I think.

What does a hockey instructor do?

A hockey instructor teaches someone the fundamentals and techniques of the game.

What does a typical day look like for someone who is a martial arts instructor?

My typical day is I get up and go to work. After finishing my job for the day I go home and change into my gi. Then I go and lead classes for a couple hours.

What is Martial Spirit?

Martial Spirit is very important for someone who wants to master martial arts. Martial Spirit is essential to understand and to acquire. The mind and boy must be developed as well as the body.

What is belt called in Japanese martial arts?

A belt is called an obi. It is used to indicate someone's rank in their martial art.

In Martial Arts what do you call a student?

In the Japanese martial arts someone of a lesser rank is referred to as kohai. An equal is referred to as dohai.

What does martial efficacy mean?

Martial efficacy, we can define it by breaking it down into the two words. Martial in this context is defined as 'fighting', 'warlike', 'soldierly'. Efficacy is the the power to produce a desired effect. So martial efficacy is the level at which someone can effectively be soldierly, warlike etc. In laymen's terms - the level at which someone can effectively fight.

What education do you need to be a karate instructor?

In all actuality, you don't need any "formal education" like going to school. A legitimate instructor will have attended a formal recognized martial arts studio, with an instructor who can prove his background in the martial arts and document his rank and training. Studying under someone who "claims" to be a Master without legitimate documentation is dangerous as that person may not really know how to teach Karate, and his instruction could injure someone seriously. Ask around the local schools for what they teach, what they charge, can others watch the classroom in action, and also check with the Better Business Bureau. Don't trust the Internet either, people can make any kind of claims , "buyer beware!"

Can someone who is color blind be an Air Force Military Training Instructor?

yes they can

What is full means of teacher?

A teacher is an educator, tutor or instructor, someone who teaches

When did the martial arts start?

The first time someone shared a technique or method of fighting with someone else.

Who is the first person that use martial art?

The first individual that hit someone else was practicing a martial art. Over time they learned what the best way and place to hit someone. This was passed down over time and became the martial arts we know today.

Where can you find some step by step karate moves?

The best place to learn any martial arts form is underneath a trained instructor. It's much safer than learning from Karate for dummies for many reasons. With an instructor you learn the proper technique for execution which can keep you from injuring yourself. Also, when learning from an instructor you have someone to interact with in order to learn the application which, again, can minimize risk of injury and ensure that you really know how to defend yourself. Also, there is a lot of philosophy that you can't just learn from a book, it's best to be taught be someone experienced.

What does 'putting up for someone' mean?

It means providing lodging for someone.

What is the law on putting someone on loudspeaker?


What does it mean if someone is black belt in martial arts and they assault someone?

It means that they have not learned the most important lesson of the martial arts. Once must have patience, control one's temper and not start trouble.

How can I find out someone's martial status?

is Brock Evitts and Melissa EVitts divorced

Is Ralph macchio a martial artist?

No. Someone taught him to do all the karate stuff.

Are martial arts evil?

Martial arts are no more evil then a gun or a knife, or even a stick. In fact, most true martial artists are recognized more for their contributions to society then their fighting ability. A true martial artist would never consider attacking someone for fun or just because they can. a true martial artist understands martial ethics.

What is the term for somebody who teaches?

Teacher, professor, and instructor are some terms for someone who teaches.

Killing someone who's ill is called?

Euthanasia = putting someone to sleep

Meaning of Instructor?

Someone who gives instructions. This could be someone teaching something to a group of people, so they are giving instructions on how to do something.

How do you tell if someone is putting something into my coffee?

ask her or him...

What does it mean if someone is putting bread on your window?

that there is a pervert out to get you