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A strike means the next 2 balls count double, a spare means 10 points plus the next ball counts double. So a strike+spare is (10 + 10) = 20 for frame 1, and 10 more for frame 2, and the next ball counts double (and is tallied in frame 2):

frame 1: 20 (total = 20)
frame 2: 10 + next ball (total = 30+)
frame 3: next ball

A spare followed by a strike works out the same: 10 + 2*(10) = 30, and the next two balls (because of the strike) counts double. In long form, (x) + (10-x) + 2*(10).

frame 1: 20 (total = 20)
frame 2: 10 + next 2 balls (total = 30+)
frame 3: next 2 balls

A game of all strikes quickly adds to 300... if you keep doing strikes, each frame gives you 30 points because you get 10 for what you hit, plus double the next two balls (each of which gave you 10).

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Q: How would you score a strike plus a spare in bowling?
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How do you score a 279 in 10 pin bowling?

To score a 279 in 10 Pin Bowling, you would need to bowl a Spare in the first frame followed by 8 strikes & for the tenth frame you would need a Strike followed by a 9 spare as shown below. 9/, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, 9/ The score would show as this during the game 20,50,80,110,140,170,200,230,259,279

What is the highest possible score in bowling with no strikes?

190If you throw a spare in the first frame (doesn't matter the count of the first ball) then throw 9 spare for the rest of the game in each frame with a 9 on your final ball in the 10th your score would be 190. The highest score without throwing a strike.

Isn't a spare and then a strike the same thing as getting 2 strikes in a row?

No... with a spare you will add 10 plus the next ball rolled to get your score for that frame. A strike you will add 10 plus the next 2 balls rolled to score that frame. The maximum frame score you can receive for a spare would be 20. If you rolled a strike for next ball after your spare. The maximum for a strike would be 30. If you rolled 2 strikes in your next 2 balls after you strike.

What is your bowling score with 10 straight strikes and a spare?

That would depend on what the count of the spare was. If it was ten strikes in a row, then 9 /, the score would be a 289 game. If it was an 8 /, it would be a 288 game and so on.

How many points are the pins worth in bowling?

In any of the variants of 10-pin bowling (including Duckpins or candlepins), each pin is worth one point. However, when you are scoring a strike (all pins down on first ball) or spare (all pins down on 2nd ball), the scoring is more complex. For a spare, the score is 10 plus the number of pins knocked down on the first ball of the next frame (so, for example, a spare followed by a 7 count would be 17) For a strike, the score is 10 plus the number of pins knocked down on the next two balls thrown (so, for example, a strike followed by a 7 count then a completed spare would be 10+7+3 = 20). The most points that could be scored in a frame would be a strike followed by a strike, followed by another strike, 10+10+10 = 30. This gives us the maximum possible bowling score of 300 (10 frames, maximum of 30 pins in each). If a strike or spare is thrown in the 10th and final frame, the bowler immediately throws one (in the case of a spare) or two (for a strike) bonus balls, called "extra frames". These frames do not score on their own, they only serve to determine the extra pins for the 10th frame's mark.

What is a good bowling score?

The top score possible in bowling is a 300 which can only be achieved by getting a strike in every frame. There are only a select few people who have ever acheived this and there is an official record of their names. Because of the scoring type used in bowling, getting a spare in every frame- ie, knocking down the same number of pins as in a 300 game- will give you a 200 score. Typically a good bowling score at a league level (a league being a competitive bowling club) would be over 175. For social bowlers who do not bowl as regularly, a good score would be around 130ish. No cheating tho, bumpers down. ;)

How many points is a stroke worth in bowling?

Do you mean "strike"? A strike is worth 10 pins plus the pins on the next two deliveries. So, if a bowler gets a strike in the first frame we can't assign a score until he bowls again. If he gets a spare in the second frame (i.e., 10 pins on two balls), then he would get a score of 20 back in the first.

How do you read the bowling arrows and dots on the lane?

They are targets used to roll your ball at. Depending on if you are trying to get a strike or picking up a spare, you would use your style of bowling to hit the appropriate target.

What is the value of a strike in ten pin bowling?

A strike is worth 10 + your next two rolls., A spare is 10 + your next 0ne roll. So if in the first frame you Roll a strike, then next frame you get 8 pinns on the first roll, and only 1 on the second. You have score 10 + 8+ 1=19. You would have 19 in the first frame and a total of 28 in the second.

How do you add strikes up in a bowling game?

A strike is worth 10 pins plus the next two throws. So if you bowled a strike and then 5 pins then 3 pins, you would add 18 pins to the score for the frame with the strike.

If you get a spare in the tenth frame and fill it with ten is that fill considered a strike?

if you get a spare, it is a spare .. actually the question makes no sense because if you get a spare in the 10th frame, you get another ball to throw They are asking about the throw after the spare which would be called a strike.

Where would you find a perfect score of 300 in sports?


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