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Q: How would you get past a defender in hockey?
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What would happen if a defender fouled in the circle in field hockey?

The opposing team gets a corner.

What are the poistions of ice hockey?

goalie, defender, center, left wing & right wing.

Past tense of like?

Liked. Example: Present Tense; "She likes hockey." Past Tense; "She liked hockey."

Is it too late to start hockey at 12?

No, Nicklas Wallin (former San Jose defender) starter playing hockey when he was 13 and i started at 12 to.

Is the Fullback in Field Hockey also the Defender?

The fulllback does defend, but there are also the half backs and the goalie

What is the responsibility of the defender?

Depends on what sport. Soccer, Hockey, Etc. But the main point of the defender is to make sure the ball (or anything else, depends on the game) doesn't go into the goal. The defender is the last line of defense before the Goalie.

How high can you swing the stick in hockey?

In all forms of hockey, the stick may not be raised above shoulder height, except that in field hockey it may be used thus by a defender to prevent a goal being scored.

How do you say defender of the family in Latin?

"Patronus cognationis" would mean defender of the family-- defender as in: advocate or patron. "Vindex cognationis" would mean defender of the family-- defender as in protector. "Conservator cognationis" would mean defender of the family-- defender as in one who upholds and preserves. In all of these, the word "cognationis" is the possessive plural of the word "cognatio," which means family, kinsmen, blood relatives, etc.

What are the positions played in field hockey?

Forward(wing), mid field (link), back or defender, sweeper(type of back), and goalie

Why would you need strength in basketball?

If you were a center.. ur defender would probably tough.. that's where we get the expression POWER through your defender

How do you say defended in Spanish?

defender proteger resguardar

In field hockey what is the goal keepers ball called?

You may be comparing the goalie kick of soccer. The equivalent in field hockey would be the '16-yard hit'; this is not taken by the goalie but by a defender. There are also some major differences; the ball is placed level with the top of the circle, in line with where it went out, and is played the same way as a free hit would be.

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