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2-3 hits

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2010-10-18 15:22:57
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Q: How would you do mean for each mini golf hole?
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What does the phrase holing out mean in golf?

Holing out simply means stroking the ball into the hole. In stroke competitions a player must hole out of each hole in order to return a score.

What does bogey in golf mean?

One over par on a hole.

How do you calculate combination of system 36 and stableford in golf?

Do you mean a 36 handicap? If so you would get 2 extra points per hole. Playing off scratch in a Stableford Competition you would get two points per hole if you completed the hole in par, one over par you would get 1 point. So a player with a 36 handicap would get four points for each hole you completed in par. For a Bogey on any hole you would get 3 points and for a Birdie you would get 5 points. The Rules on Stableford are readily available from your Golf Club Professional.

What is four balls in golf mean?

A fourball would be four players playing in a group, each playing their own golf ball.

What does the term bogey mean?

One over par on a given golf hole.

What does not par mean?

Par is the regulation score for a hole in golf. A player would find the green in regulation, and have two putts, well that is the idea.

What does in the hole mean?

Used in Golf, usually shouted after a player hits a shot. Meaning they want the ball to go in the hole.

What is the golf term hazard mean?

Hazard is the area of sand or water between the tee and the hole.

What does the golf term birdie mean?

one under par for that hole is par 4 and you get 3

What does the term boggie mean in golf?

Bogey means one over par on a given hole.

What does putt mean in golf?

When a player is on the green, they will putt the ball towards or into the hole. A putter is used.

What is the term eagle mean in golf?

Eagle means 2 under par for a particular hole.

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