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Bogie means one worse than par. On a par 5 hole, if it takes you six strokes, that's a Bogey.

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2008-07-25 13:49:48
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Q: What does bogie in golf mean?
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What is 8 over par called?

bogie golf

What is the meaning of of bogie?

One over par on a golf hole.

How does the point system in golf work?

Eagle - +3 Birdie - +1 Par - 0 Bogie - -1 Double Bogie - -3

What is disc golf?

Disc golf is a sport that is played much like regular golf. Instead of a ball and a club, the player has a series of discs that he/she uses to throw into a target some distance away. The player counts the number of throws that are needed to reach the target as "shots" and the game is scored just like golf.The game isnotscored just likegolf i play it.Golfgoes Eagle, Ace, Birdie, Par, Bogie Disc Golf goes Ace, Birdie, Par, Bogie

When was Bogie Cottage created?

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When was David Bogie born?

David Bogie was born in 1987.

Is a bogey good in golf?

A Bogie is one stroke over par for a hole. I guess it depends on your handicap, the weather conditions and on your familiarity with, and the difficulty of, that particular hole.

When was Ian Bogie born?

Ian Bogie was born on 1967-12-06.

When was Duane Bogie born?

Duane Bogie was born on September 21, 1922, in USA.

When did Duane Bogie die?

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Do dogs get bogies?

no yes dogs do have bogie's as my dog sneezed and bogie's came out (yuck) :)

What is a Bogie in golf?

A bogey is what you get when you complete a hole in one more stroke than what is par for that hole. Par is the number of strokes you are supposed to take on a given hole and there are par 3's,4's, and 5's on a golf course

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