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Train and practise hard!

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Q: How would you become a professional netball player?
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When would a player in netball take an advantage?

When the netball player wants to

Why is Liz Ellis the best player in netball?

you would know if you have seen her play netball .

What education would be needed to become a professional baseball player?

High school

What safety checks would you harry out on netball?

A netball player is usuallly unable to play with long nails, hair untied, ununiformed etc. Also in professional netball the players are randomly checked for steroids or other drugs that may affect their playing. Hope i helped! Xx

How can you become a professional footballer or soccer player?

To become a professional football player you must enter the NFL (National Football League). To join you would have to talk to the comissioner of the NFL. Then if he accepts you will be in the free agency pool and you would be waiting for a team to sign you.

Where would one go to train to become a professional tennis player?

There are many places where one could go to train to become a professional tennis player. One could go find a mentor or coach and just practice until they are at the professional level.

How do you become a professional rugby player over the age of 30?

You don't. :) I agree you just don't. me too :) well i guess you could become a professional rugby player but you would have injuries all the time and you would probably would need to be completely mad to do so :P !!!!

What is an obstruction in netball?

An obstruction in netball is when you stand with in 3ft of the player and you with your arms over the ball. So you would get pulled up for obstrustion and now you would have to stand beside the player you were defending!;D

What food would be needed for a netball player to be a strong contestant?


Will you need a job if you become a professional soccer player?

no because you would get loads of money from playing football

Can anyone become a professional football player?

Yes, anyone can be a professional at anything. You must understand that most men would be cut in training camp.

How much do you train per week in netball?

a person that plays netball at school would usually train for atleast two hours a week and a professional would train for atleast eighteen hours a week.

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