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Q: What food would be needed for a netball player to be a strong contestant?
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Why do you need power in netball?

you need in power netball for passing the ball. and if you don't have power it will not reach the personSo you can do strong and powerful passes to your player so the opponemt can't intercept it

Does Brazil have netball?

Yes is very strong

What physical attributes does a netball player need?

I believe that in the game of netball, players need to be both physically and mentally strong due to some players pushing them around. Also they need to be quick on their feet and quite athletic, to be able to run and defend players.

When do you use a overhead pass in netball?

It is used when you have to make a strong and far pass

What do you need to be a successful player of netball?

good strong chest passes dodging pivoting well good communication with team players (good shooter) getting the ball - defending make quick passes. try to get away from your player when your team has the ball.

Who is bald in bollywood?

Puneet Issar is bald in bollywood. He is presently in the big boss house. He is a strong contestant of that house.

Minerals needed for strong bone?

Calcium + Phosphorus are needed.

What is fibre needed for?

it is needed for good health and a strong body.

Why did Spartans believe they needed a strong army?

Sparta most likely believed that they needed a strong army so that they could not be overthrown.

What skills are needed to be a football player?

basically you need pure determination. you dont need to be big or super strong. if you have a passion for football an you know that you can play and not give up. then you are a football player at heart

What two materials are needed with people who have strong bones an teeth?

calcium and phosphorus are two minerals needed by the body for strong bones and teeth.

What are needed for strong bones?

Calcium ( milk )

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