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truly depends how you controll your anxiety

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How does sasonal changes affect sport performance?

"seasonal". And it doesnt effect sport performance.

What drugs affect sport performance?

ALL DRUGS will affect your performance in some sort of way.

How does workload affect sport performance?


How does diet affect sport performance?

Diet affects your sport performance because if you have the right diet then you will not have energy and fitness.

Why does smoking affect sport performance?

smoking kills.

Why do drugs affect sport performance?

Damon salvatore!

How does demand of work affect in sport performance?


How can stress affect sport performance?

One can easily faint

How does age affect performance in sport?

when you are older your body starts to fail you

How does Extrinsic motivation affect sport performance?

it helps the performance of the athlete because he believes there is a award for good work.

How does aggression affect sport performance?

aggression makes the opposing player fear you

How does attitude affect sport performance?

Attitude can greatly affect your performance in sport. If you go into a game or match already believing that you will lose, you are more likely to lose.If you go into a game or match with the belief that you can win, you are more likely to win.

How can level of activity affect your sport performance?

you will get tired if you are rinning around for a long period of time before you do any sport

How can a bad attitude affect your life?

A bad attitude can affect your life: 1) It can affect the way you learn. 2) It can affect your performance in a sport or activity.

How does sleep affect your performance in sport?

it gives you rest so then when you wake up you will not be tired

Obesity affect your sport performance?

Yes. It can also affect your hair, skin and nails due to your unhealthy diet, if you have one. You won't do as well as a fit person and you'll need to try to go down in weight to do well in your sport performance.

How does coordination affect your sports performance?

coordination helps your sport performance by increasing your reaction speed, accuracy agility, and reaction accuracy

How does concetration affect sport performance?

Concentration is Not A Distraction Its Helpful Because It Gets Your Mind Set That Im Gone Have A Good Performance....

How alcohol affects your performance in sport?

The main affect that alcohol would have on your performance in any sport would be dehydration. This would lead to muscle cramps and underperformance. The only sport I can think of that alcohol would be good in is Drag Racing

How does personality affect sport performance?

the more angry you are the more violent you are but you do not listen carefully to the rules

How does sleep affect sporting performance?

It gives the athlete extra energy in order to excel in their sport. :)

How does age affect your performance in sport?

Age will not let you do well in sport, when young you were faster and had more stamina, but as you age you tire more quickly.

How does culture affect sporting performance?

it deppends how you say many religions there is many ways of dress codes.instead of asking = How does culture affect sporting performance?" = you should ask : how does culture dress codes affect sport.

How does water loss during exercise affect performance?

2-3% water loss can negatively affect sport performance and exercise. Drink water until you are not thirsty and then drink some more.

How does sleep affect sport performance?

Sleep affects sport by resting the muscles and it allows the heart to pump the blood normally this is as a result of adequate rest.