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17 inches

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Q: How wide is homeplate in Major League Baseball?
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How long is baseball homeplate?

7 baseballs wide

How wide is homeplate?

17" width of home plate...

What are the dimensions of the pitcher's plate?

In Major League Baseball, the pitcher's plate, or pitching rubber, is 24 inches long and 6 inches wide.

How will Mariano Rivera's number be retired by the New York Yankees?

his # is already retired because 42 is retired major league baseball wide.

How wide is the batters box in baseball?

According to, the batter's box is 4 feet X 6 feet. In major league baseball the batters box is 60 inches long and 40 inches wide.

How wide is a major league home plate?

17 inches17"

How far off the baseline can a runner be if there is no play on him?

In Major League Baseball, there is no limit, this is why you see some players taking very wide turns. However, if he goes into the dugout or something like that, he could be called out.

What age range of children do minor league baseball teams typically consist of?

"Little League" baseball teams cover a wide range of ages. The "Minor Leagues" specifically cover the ages of 9 to 10, while Tee Ball covers younger ages and Major Leagues cover older ages, up to 18.

What is the size of a major league batters box?

Six feet long by four feet wide

What are the dimensions of the runners box in major league baseball?

The runners lane going down the first base line is 45 feet long and 3 feet wide, begins halfway down the line and ends at first base.

What are the dimensions of the batter's box in Little League Baseball?

The dimensions of a Little League batter's box is 3 feet wide by 6 feet long.

What is the distance from the batters box to home plate?

There is no distance from the batter's box to home plate. The batter's box is adjacent to the 8 1/2 inch side of home plate. They are 4 feet wide and 6 feet long for major league baseball.

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Where can one purchase a fiber optic snowman?

Fiber optic snowman decorations are available in a wide array of styles and from many different retailers. Linens N Things offers a fiber optic snowman tapestry, while Amazon lists fiber optic snowman decorations featuring National Football League and Major League Baseball team designs.Good places to check are eBay and Gadgets and Gizmos, as both offer a wide variety from lawn ornaments to fabric based interior designs.

How wide is a homeplate in baseball?

The starting point for much of the action on the field is home plate, which is a five-sided slab of whitened rubber, 17-inches square with two of the corners removed so that one edge is 17 inches long, two adjacent sides are 8½ inches, and the remaining two sides are 12 inches and set at an angle to make a point.

How much is the salary for a minor league baseball player?

There's a very wide range. As of 2010, the maximum salary for a first-year player is $1,100 per month, but after that it can be negotiated with his team.

How good do you have to be to be in Major League Baseball baseball?

You have to be the best player in your city pretty much. Even with 600,000 high school baseball players nation wide only aprox. .2% will even step foot on on actual MLB field (no not single A or Even Triple A I mean the big time MLB). The toughest thing from there is staying at the top for at least 3 good seasons, the best can be there for up to 12 depending on what position they play. In the end it all comes down to how bad you want it and how your grades are

Where can I find MLB themed women's hoodies and sweatshirts?

The best option is to purchase MLB themed clothing directly from the Major League Baseball team site of your choice. They have a wide selection of women's clothing and sizes, and the clothes are sure to be officially sanctioned and high quality. Another option would be to head to a sports retailer such as Dick's Sporting Goods, or Sports Authority.

How wide is a baseball?

i dont no

What is the most retired number in the NHL?

99 is retired league-wide.

How wide is a strike zone?

In MLB, this is covered in Rule 2.0: "The Strike Zone is defined as that area over homeplate the upper limit of which is a horizontal line at the midpoint between the top of the shoulders and the top of the uniform pants, and the lower level is a line at the hollow beneath the kneecap. The Strike Zone shall be determined from the batter's stance as the batter is prepared to swing at a pitched ball." Home plate is 17 inches wide.

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How wide is the warning track on a little league field?

It usually varies by field.

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