What is the width of home plate?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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17 inches wide

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17 inches.

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Q: What is the width of home plate?
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How wide is homeplate?

17" width of home plate...

How wide is home plate and do the corners add to that space?

Home plate is 17 inches wide from corner to corner and covers an area of 216 square inches. Since the shape of home plate is pentagonal, the corners do not add any width to the plate.

Proper way to stand at the home plate when batting in softball?

with your feet spread a little more than shoulder width apart, with your knees bent, and so that your bat reaches the outside of the plate

Did Vladimir Guerrero throw home run from plate?

he has hit a home run from the plate and also thrown people out at home plate.

Is it true that plate should rolled length wise only not width wise?


Is the black on a home plate part of the plate?


What is a home plate collision?

A home plate collision is usually the case of a base runner that was on one of the bases trying to reach home plate in order to score while the other team's Catcher is trying to block home plate in order to prevent the base runner from touching home plate in an effort to prevent a run from scoring and the runner and the base runner usually slides into the Catcher that is blocking home plate which is what one example of a home plate collision is.

What is the drop from the pitchers mound to home plate?

The pitcher's plate (or rubber) is 10 inches higher than home plate.

What is the Width of the baseline runner baseball?

The width of the baseline is irrelevant if applied correctly. The outside of the foul line should be even with the outside of the 1st and 3rd base bag in a straight line from home plate (with home plate being in fair territory) to the fence. The key to putting a foul line down is making it wide enough that it is visible from all points on the field so a ball can be clearly seen if fair or foul. Most common foul lines are around 4 inches in width, but like i said this is irrelevant to the game play if applied correctly ---Tigersy2k3

How does the point go on home plate?

The pointed end of a home plate faces the rear, away from the playing field. The home plate itself if in fair territory.

What is the measurement of the circle around home plate?

The circle around home plate generally measures 26 feet in diameter. This area is referred to as the home plate area.

What is the strike zone of a width of 17in plus 5.8in?

Nothing. The strike zone is the width of the plate times the height of the batter's stance from his chest to his knees.