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If you're referring to home plate it is 17 inches wide and 17 inches from bottom to tip. The sides are 8 1/2 inches from the bottom to the angle leading to the tip and 12 inches along that angle.

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What is the size of home plate in men's softball?

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Q: What are dimensions of mens softball home plate?
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In mens softball how far is the pitchers mound to home plate?

50 feet for slow pitch softball, 46 feet for fast pitch.

Is the rubber closer to the plate in womens fastpitch softball than mens fastpitch softball?

Mens fastpitch softball rubber is 46 feet and womens is 43 feet.

What are the team names of mens professional softball. Do they have webpages or player rosters?

Mens dont have professional softball only Womens.Mens professional softball is baseball.

What are the differences between a softball and a baseball?

a softball is larger, and most of the time harder. a baseball is used in mens baseball, as to a softball is used in womens. hope i helped,

How far is pircher mound from home for mens fast pitch?

60 feet 6 inches from the tip of home plate to the pitching rubber on the mound.

What is an good mens slow pitch softball team name?

swinging dixx

What is an aggressive mens softball team name?

Thrashers Panthers Jaguars Clubbers

What year did the US mens softball team play 57 games in the Olympics?

in 1984. your welcome:-}

Who are the top 5 mens softball teams in world?

The 2004 Grace Community Church Team out of Marion, NC.

Why is woman softball not as big as mens Baseball?

I guess because people don't think women are as good as men in sports.

Do you pitch under hand in softball?

If your playing any kind of Womens softball then yes. But for mens softball, it matters what league your playing in. Some lay overhand slow itch, overhand fast itch, underhand slow pitch or underhand fast pitch. Check with a teamate or make sure what kinda of softball you are playing

Can Women play on mens ASA Softball League?

no because that is just with men like in baseball girls cant play and thatll be the same thing