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About 7ft or 84 in.

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Q: How tall is a volleyball net from the floor?
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How hi is a volleyball net to the top of the net?

it is about 8 ft from the floor

How height is the net for volleyball men?

A men's Volleyball net is 2.43 meters long.A women's Volleyball net is 2.24 meters long.And for bonus the length of a Volleyball court is 18 meters and the width of a Volleyball court is 9 meters. :)

How do you achieve a spike in volleyball?

You jump high enough to clear the net and hit the ball in a downward tragectory towards the floor on the opponent's side of the net.

How far is a volleyball net?


What are the dimensions and net height of a volleyball court?

The size of the court is always 30 feet by 60 feet. The net height depends on what level you are playing at. In middle school, the net is usually seven feet tall. In club and high school level volleyball, the net is usually 7'4".

What are the faults of the player at the net in volleyball?

no part of your body can touch the volleyball net

What are the equitments in volleyball?

Kneepads,shorts,volleyball,volleyball net

Do players move anti clockwise or clockwise in volleyball?

Yes, the girls, or boys, do. Its called a rotation. You do this whenever a ball touches the floor on the other side of the volleyball net.

What net is highest volleyball or tennis?


How tall is high school volleyball net?

2.24 meters or 7 feet 4 1/8 inches

How tall is a elementary volleyball net?

Is it 2.43 m for women as same as the elementary students?

What is the lenght of the volleyball net?

The rough length of the volleyball net is around 9 metres (29.5 feet).